10 prisoners offering time for murders temporarily removed from prison work plans – Eye Witness News

Bahamas, Nassau — When the National Security Ministry is considering a security protocol surrounding a prison prisoner work program, National Security Minister Wayne Munro said yesterday that 10 murderers convicted of the program were safe. He said he had temporarily stopped participating because of this.

This comes shortly after the prisoners of the program who were shot and killed while working at a gas station.

The prisoner was identified as Timothy Sanders, who had served for 18 years in a triple shooting that killed three people in July 2011.

According to the minister, Sanders was to be released in 2024 and was approved by the program under the previous administration along with 16 other prisoners who were nearing the end of their sentence.

“As a result of Mr. Sanders’ murder [acting] With Commissioner Fernander [prison] Claire, it was decided to temporarily suspend those who were sentenced to murder from the plan while we were checking their safety as they participated in the plan, “he said. Told Witness news.

“There is no suggestion that the people in the plan are committing crimes, but rather the killing of Mr. Sanders has shown that they can be committed.

“And because they work in public places, for their safety, they were temporarily suspended while we were assessing their safety.”

Munro said the government would consider working in a private environment for safety, describing prisoners approved for programs convicted of murder as a cycle of revenge and murder. ..

Former National Security Minister Marvin Dames reportedly told Nassau Guardian that a prisoner who said he “stood up for murder” would participate in the Bahamas Correctional Services Bureau’s (BDOCS) work program. He said the government should investigate how it was allowed to do so.

However, Munro said all prisoners in the program were approved by the former minister on September 13, 2021, four days before the general election.

He claimed that Dames was politically dishonest.

The minister said the BDOCS board and other government agencies have not made prior recommendations for additional prisoners approved under the Davis administration.

For prisoners who are nearing the end of their sentence, he said it is important to gain work experience and income so that they can return to society when they are released after years of imprisonment. 10 prisoners offering time for murders temporarily removed from prison work plans – Eye Witness News

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