100-day countdown to CARIFTA-Nassau Guardian

Carifta Games is on the way home and will be held for the first time in three years.

Although COVID-19 is still widespread throughout the region and many sports areas have not yet taken place, the organizers of the annual CARIFTA Games Junior Athletics Tournament are committed to ensuring safe and successful hosting. I am confident that measures will be taken. April game.

Canceled for the past two years, the event will be tentatively set for the Easter Holiday weekend from April 16th to 18th at the National Museum Jamaica in Kingston, Jamaica.

For the island nation, the 49th edition of the game is in line with the Diamond Jubilee of Independence as Jamaica celebrates its 60th year of independence, making the game part of the celebration. The Jamaica Athletics Management Association (JAAA) will be the host association for the game.

Central North America President

Mike Sands of the American and Caribbean Athletics Association (NACAC) is a recent honorary guest in Jamaica and started recognizing a 100-day countdown to the game.

“Thanks to the Government of Jamaica and JAAA for agreeing to support hosting these games. We are very pleased that Jamaica has taken on the challenge in a hurry,” Sands said. “Jamaica has been a major power in the region for many years and the majority of athletes in the Caribbean have used this system, which is why we appreciate the importance of Carifta Games to the development of sports throughout the region. Carifta is always producing diamonds from rough stones and stars are born. We hope that this particular Carifta Games in Jamaica is no exception, and we are very excited about that. doing.”

The last two Califta games were scheduled to take place in Hamilton, Bermuda, but were postponed due to the threat of COVID-19. Infectious diseases still remain, but Sands is confident that CARIFTA 2022 will be held. The presence of fans on the stand is another matter.

“Given the situation, I wish I had a fan,” Sands said. “From the affiliated federations, we look forward to full participation. Athletes are very excited to start, especially since there have been no junior regional competitions at this level of athletics for the past two years. The enthusiasm is higher than ever, especially due to the COVID turmoil over the last two years. We look forward to the opportunity to get back on track with some normality. “

Sands is urging the company Jamaica to join early and partner with them at the CARIFTA Games.

“We want the company Jamaica to participate in this effort and provide as much support as possible to ensure the success of these games,” Sands said. “We are confident that the game will take place. An additional plus for the success of the game is that CARIFTA will come when Jamaica celebrates its 60th independence. So they are an exciting event. We have met with affiliated federations, and from what was discussed, they have the greatest confidence that the game is going well to be done on schedule. “

Sands acknowledged the need to plan for affordable housing, especially for athletes, coaches and executives, as the event starts in less than 100 days and has limited time.

“There is no time to be late, so many decisions will be made one after another,” Sands said. “I am confident that the discussions held will do everything properly.”

Carifta Games is the premier annual junior athletics competition for Caribbean athletes. It was once praised by Sebastian Coe, President of World Athletics (WA), as the best junior athletics competition in the world. 100-day countdown to CARIFTA-Nassau Guardian

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