126 in a day; Greek inquiry to Turkey

Turkish F-16 fighters recorded 126 violations of Greek airspace and 30 overflights on the Greek islands on Wednesday. Some of them were inhabited.

Despite the demarch from Athens to Ankara early Wednesday, neighbors on the other side of the Aegean Sea ignored Greek diplomatic protests that sent a pair of F-16s again to invade Greek airspace.

A few minutes before 20:00 on Wednesday evening, a pair of Turkish F-16 fighters (fourth during the day) made three new flights over the Greek islands. They jumped over Ro at 19:37, over Megaisti at 19:38 at 25,000 feet, and finally at 19:40 at 24,000 feet again.

According to information from the Defense President, a total of 16 Turkish F-16s flew over the Aegean Sea on April 27, 2022, resulting in a total of 126 (!) Violations in the Greek airspace.

Of these, 85 were manufactured on F-16s and the rest on Turkish UAVs and electronic warfare aircraft.

During the interception of Turkish fighters, there were two “dog battles” with Greek fighters.

Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted by the Greek Air Force in accordance with international rules and established practices.

At the beginning of Wednesday, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs submitted a protest and inquiry to the Turkish ambassador to Athens. The Turkish F-16 flew the islands of the East Aegean Sea at least four times in pairs from 10:18 am to 12:24 am.

The strong boundaries transcended repeated violations of Greek airspace by Turkish fighters.

The ministry said in a statement that Foreign Policy Secretary Themistocles Demilis presented De Marche to the ambassador, following the instructions of FM Nicos Dendias.

“These actions are a violation of Greek sovereignty, an unacceptable provocation, and a violation of the basic principles of international law,” Demilis said.

“In addition to being illegal and provocative, they endanger international air traffic, completely violate the principles of good neighborhood relations between Greece and Turkey, and strive to establish a climate of trust. Weaken. “ 126 in a day; Greek inquiry to Turkey

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