13 murders in April dropped significantly from the previous month

Deputy Police Secretary Clayton Fernander said yesterday that the reduction in murders in April compared to March was the result of police efforts to reduce crime.

Following the killing in New Providence yesterday morning, the toll for the year will be 52.

Twenty-two murders were recorded in the Bahamas in March. This is one of the bloodiest months on record.

Fernander reported 13 murders in April. This is a noticeable decrease.

“We see a decline compared to March and April,” he said.

“… You can see the result of removing these firearms from the street.

“We are not only finding them, but also arresting people with weapons and stopping some of these murders.”

Fernander said at a news conference yesterday morning that police had recovered 13 weapons and various ammunition last week and 14 were detained for possessing unauthorized firearms.

The five recently detained are believed to be responsible for some murders and attempted murders.

Early Saturday morning, police officers were warned of “prowling” in a residential area in eastern New Providence, Fernander said.

Police responded and saw four people armed with powerful rifles and pistols fleeing the yard into a small car.

“Individuals fired a number of shots from their car through the windshield behind them, damaging the police car,” Fernander said.

” [suspects’] The vehicle crashed. Officers tracked young men and they were able to escape. “

According to Fernander, police saturated the area, and about 10 minutes later, police officers saw another vehicle’s occupants behaving suspiciously.

“There was a woman driving a car and a man sitting in the passenger seat,” he said.

“The officer pulled it, searched the vehicle, and found a man in the rear trunk of the vehicle, and they were armed with rifles and pistols.”

Fernander held up one of the weapons and emphasized how it was modified to be more deadly.

“This is another weapon, a pistol with extensions,” he said.

“This is an automatic piece added to this weapon, and it’s also a drum for an additional round.

“… usually such a weapon, pistol, 15 rounds. But this is an extension of the clip … holds a total of 50 rounds. This was discovered along with the vehicle’s powerful rifle.”

Fernander said five men and one woman had been arrested.

“We believe we have stopped the murder, and we believe they are prowling,” he said.

“… According to our information, they may have been trying to break into the house in search of an individual for some reason, but at this time, there are also a total of four recent murders and four shootings. I’m asking everyone, attempted murder.

“We are pleased that these individuals may be held responsible for these issues based on the evidence we have collected.” 13 murders in April dropped significantly from the previous month

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