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14 million people ordered to be tested for coronavirus in Tianjin, China

According to state media, the northern coastal city of Tianjin began testing a population of about 14 million yesterday after at least two local cases of the highly contagious coronavirus (Covid-19) Omicron variant were detected. did.
According to the Tianjin government, residents of four districts will be inspected over the next 24 hours, while other districts will be inspected the next day.
Residents will only get the Green Health Code required for their trip if they receive a negative result.
The city advised residents not to leave the town for unnecessary reasons, the government said late Saturday.
So far, no complete blockade order has been issued.
According to the state-run Global Times, the outbreak of Tianjin poses a risk to Beijing and the upcoming Winter Olympics. This is because many commuters work and live in the two cities.
Commuters from Beijing to Tianjin are being asked to stay away, according to the Xinhua News Agency.
The number of cases has not been disclosed, but according to the National Health Authority in December, it was after a local infection of the imported Omicron variant was found in a city in southern Guangzhou.
China yesterday reported 165 cases of coronavirus confirmed on January 8. This is an increase from 159 cases the day before.
Of the new infections, 92 were locally transmitted from 95 one day ago, according to a statement from the National Health Commission.
Most of the new regional incidents were in Henan and Shaanxi.
China reported 46 new asymptomatic cases. This is categorized separately from the confirmed cases compared to 52 the previous day.
There were no new deaths, with 4,636 deaths.
In mainland China, there were 103,619 confirmed cases as of January 8.
Chinese authorities are already suffering from large-scale outbreaks centered on cities in the northwestern part of Xi’An, which question the country’s zero-tolerance policy of strict blockades and immediate mass inspections to curb outbreaks. Is causing.
Xi’An, the historic home of China’s famous Terracotta Warriors, was closed last month, driving 13 million inhabitants indoors.
In recent days, the number of new cases has decreased.
Authorities have received complaints from Xian residents about the chaotic handling of the blockade, including poor access to food and daily necessities and viral incidents such as miscarriage in which an eight-month-old pregnant woman was denied hospital admission without Covid. increase. -19 test.
Yesterday, Beijing’s traffic control authorities warned people to stay away from the special vehicles used to carry people by ferry to and from the Winter Olympic venue in the event of a traffic accident.
Staff attending the Winter Olympics are required to stay in a “closed loop” and avoid contact with outside staff, the Beijing Department of Transportation said in a post on a Weibo account like Twitter.
In the event of an accident in any of the vehicles, people need to keep a safe distance, avoid contact with people inside, and wait for specialists to arrive at the scene.
On Wednesday, the organizers said they launched a “closed loop” operation that would allow participants to leave the country only if they left the country or were quarantined to prevent the outbreak of game participants from leaking to the Chinese people. rice field.
The 2022 game will start on February 4th.
More than 2,000 international athletes are expected to come to China for the Games, plus 25,000 other “stakeholders”, many from abroad.
The organizers did not say how many of those people would go into the closed loop.

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