14 people killed and 3 injured in a shooting at a bar in Johannesburg

Mass shootings at a tavern in Soweto Township, Johannesburg South Africa According to police, 14 people have died and 3 are in crisis.

Police say they are investigating reports of a group of men arriving in a minibus taxi and firing at some patrons at a bar late Saturday night.

Police removed the body of the deceased on Sunday morning and investigated the cause of the shooting.

The three seriously injured and the other injured were taken to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.

The number of cartridges found on the scene indicated that it was a group of people who shot patrons, said Lieutenant Elias Mawela, Gauteng Police Commissioner.

Primary research suggests that these people were having fun here at a licensed tavern that was open in a timely manner, “Mawela told The Associated Press.

Suddenly they heard some gunshots. That’s when people try to run out of taverns. We don’t have full details at this point about what the motivation was and why they targeted these people. “

“We can see that high caliber firearms were used and were shot randomly. We can see that all of them had a hard time getting out of the tavern,” Mawela told The Associated Press.

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