14-year-old girl denies allegations of PMH sexual assault – Eye Witness News

The Bahamas, Nassau-Wayne Munro, Minister of National Security, said the teenage girl denied having been sexually assaulted or engaged in sexual activity at Princess Marguerite Hospital.

He said he had received a recent explanation from the police on the issue.

“I think the young girl was 14 years old again,” he said.

“”[The] The mother filed a complaint with police on the view that her daughter may have a sexual relationship with her boyfriend.

National Security Minister Wayne Munro will address reporters at the Prime Minister’s Office.

“It’s a crime, whether it’s voluntary or not, and police took her to the hospital for a check.

She tested positive for COVID. She was detained for COVID.

And in the process of that detention, the hospital caretaker reported on her and a 52-year-old patient.

“The young child was fired and reported to the police. They investigated.

“The child denied the Janitor’s report, the gentleman denied the Janitor’s report, and the police continued to investigate.”

Initially, the girl was reported to have been sexually assaulted by PHA.

In a statement, public hospital officials said the alleged case took place on June 24.

“According to our policy, this issue has been referred to the Royal Bahamas Police for investigation and an internal investigation is underway on the alleged case,” PHA said.

“PHA continues to strive to provide safe and quality care to all patients, especially minors. If you have further questions on this issue, you should contact the appropriate authorities. “

The alleged incident occurred after a video was circulated of what appeared to be a man inhaling a drug in a hospital room.

“Public hospital authorities want to remind the public of our safety protocols and policies,” PHA said in another statement in the video. 14-year-old girl denies allegations of PMH sexual assault – Eye Witness News

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