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140-year-old school faces financial problems

Hyderabad: The 140-year-old MufeedUL Anam Boys High School in Twin Cities, Hyderabad, which is in poor financial condition, has sought help from the state government and older students.

“This school was founded in 1880 and has been working here since 1992. The children who studied at this school will be the mayor,” Lamadebi, who is in charge of the principal’s office at Mufeed UL Anam Boys High School in Hyderabad, told ANI. , Doctor, Governor. There is history. “

“Currently, all teachers are retired, there are only two teachers working with government support and one clerk. There are also tutors,” she said.

She added, “We are short of money because the students don’t pay. The salary is now a burden. Former Mayor Tegala Krishna Reddy also studied here.”

“During the celebration of the 100th anniversary, former Indian President Shankardayar Sharma came to school,” Ramadevi said.

She further demanded that old students and the government come forward for the development of this school.

Abu Zaid, a Class 9 student at Mufeed UL Anam Boys High School, said, “This school has created many people in a variety of professions, including deputy mayors, business people, supporters, and doctors.”

“But today, this school needs a lot of money. Education is provided free of charge, but it needs money for maintenance and the appointment of teachers, so we tell our seniors and the Telangana government this Please kindly help us to deal with the situation, “said the student.

https://www.siasat.com/hyderabad-140-year-old-school-faces-financial-problems-2250061/ 140-year-old school faces financial problems

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