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14,093 pilgrims move from Medina to Macca on Monday

Medina — A total of 14,093 pilgrims of various nationalities left Medina on Monday for pilgrimage ceremonies in the Sanctuary of Mecca.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) has witnessed a scene of a bus transporting pilgrims from the center monitoring the dispatch of pilgrims and Umrah performers. The area is being followed up by the Mecca pilgrimage and the Umrah province on the flow of pilgrims.

The pilgrim transport bus facilitates transport of pilgrims to their residences according to a preset timetable and is an accurate action program aimed at follow-up after arrival at Mikato Tialharifa or the dispatch center prior to departure. Comprehensive service as part of all security, health and ambulance services in addition to bus guidance and on-site guidance services during the dispatch process, which begins early in the morning and continues until the last bus departs at 6 o’clock. With, head directly to Macca via the Hijra Highway in the afternoon

The Hajj Ministry and Umrah’s Visiting Agency have recorded 953 departures from pilgrims’ residences since the start of this year’s Hajj, but the total number of pilgrims leaving Medina for Mecca has recently reached 205,049. I was a pilgrim.

Pilgrim dispatch continues until ThuAl-Hijjah5.

As of Monday, a total of 299,911 pilgrims from several nationalities arrived in Medina through the intersection of air and land to conduct a Mecca pilgrimage.

According to statistics on the arrival and departure of pilgrims to Medina published by Hajj and Umrah Province, 241,859 pilgrims arrived from Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Medina after receiving the first Mecca pilgrimage flight. However, the Land Immigration Center has accepted 45,824 pilgrims. Cross the border in Medina.

Statistics also revealed the nationalities of 94,837 pilgrims in Medina. Bangladesh’s pilgrims topped the list with 12,901, followed by Nigerians with 10,216, Indians with 8,350, Pakistanis with 6,954, and Irans with 6,494. —SPA

https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/622333/SAUDI-ARABIA/Over-14000-pilgrims-move-from-Madinah-to-Makkah-Monday?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link 14,093 pilgrims move from Medina to Macca on Monday

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