15 million tourists have visited Croatia so far in 2022, generating record revenues


According to data from the eVisitor system, in the first eight months of 2022, 15 million tourists arrived in Croatia, providing 86.6 million overnight stays.

This represents a 40% increase in arrivals and a 27% increase in overnight stays compared to the same period last year, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports said in a statement on Friday.

91% of arrivals and 96% of stays were achieved in the same period compared to the record year of 2019.

The most tourist nights have happened Istria (24.7 million), split dalmatia (16 million) and Primorye Gorski cotard (15.3 million), followed by Zadar County (12.8 million nights), Dubrovnik Neretva county (6.2 million) and Sibenik-Knin County (5.7 million).

Looking at the results by destination, the number of nights stayed the most since the beginning of the year was Rovinj (3.5 million), Dubrovnik (2.8 million), Porec (2.8 million), Medulin (2.6 million), Umag (2.4 million) and Split (2.4 million).

Croatia's best places


Looking at the market, it recorded the top number of foreign guests visiting Japan at the beginning of the year. Germany (19.8 million), Slovenia (8.8 million), Austria (6.5 million), Poland (5.7 million), Czech Republic (5.2 million), Italy (3.7 million), Slovakia (3000000)Netherlands (2.9 million) and England (2.8 million).

By type of accommodation, the most common types of accommodation were residential accommodation (33.9 million), campgrounds (17.6 million) and hotels (17.2 million).

“We congratulate the entire sector on this excellent result. Apart from the fact that tourist numbers are almost at 2019 levels, we can be particularly pleased with the even better financial results. , which already achieved more revenue from foreign tourists in the first quarter than in 2019, a record year, continues to do so, with the current part of the year accounting for more than in 2019 as a whole. value of the converted invoice. The postseason announcement is very good and I believe that such results will be achieved at the annual level. “ Said Nikolai Brugnac, Minister of Tourism and Sports.

Croatian town cracks down on overnight beach spot bookers with fines

Croatia had a great season

“The tourist numbers results and financial indicators achieved so far confirm that this season has been well prepared despite all the challenges and circumstances caused by the pandemic and the unfortunate events in Ukraine. The 96% of nights achieved results at the national level are broadly similar to 2019 results, although certain regions and destinations have surpassed pre-pandemic period results. Entering into the market, the forecast is particularly good in the nautical and business travel segments, and a series of activities and campaigns will be carried out, especially in the markets of Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and Germany, to drive further tourist inflows throughout the post-season I will,’ he said. Christian Stanicic Director of the Croatian Tourist Board.

Achieved 32 million nights in August

There were 4.6 million arrivals and 32 million overnight stays in August this year. So there were 6% more arrivals and 4% more nights than in August 2021. 92% of arrivals and 97% of stays in August 2019 compared to July 2019.

Croatia's foreign tourists see record earnings in first quarter



According to tax office data, a total of 28 billion and 931 million kuna were taxed on tourism activities from the beginning of this year to August 30, a 64% increase over the same period last year.

Compared to 2019, 38% more invoices were accounted for by August 30, 2022 than during the same period in 2019.

For the whole of 2021, the account value reached HRK 25.3 billion, while for the whole of 2019, the account value was HRK 28.4 billion. So, in the first eight months of the year, both amounts have already been exceeded. 15 million tourists have visited Croatia so far in 2022, generating record revenues

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