17-year-old Lagoa student plans to clean up Alagoas Branchas

Aidan Disilva, an American student, organized a cleanup initiative in the Alagoas Blancas Wetlands. In his own words, he tells us why this bird sanctuary feels all the remarkable it can get.

I am a 17 year old student from Algarve who recently moved here. Ever since I moved to the Algarve, I’ve always been impressed with its stunning natural beauty and sought ways to bring awareness to the lesser-known wilderness areas of the region.

About two months ago, I noticed Alagoas Blancas, a bird reserve in the heart of Lagoa. This is the lagoon from which the names of towns and municipalities came from. Despite the origin of the town’s name, Alagoas Blancas is not well known to the local community.

Nevertheless, Alagoas Blancas is a thriving spot full of wildlife. In fact, more than 140 species of birds and various turtles and insects have been found here. Alagoas Blancas and such other natural spots are at stake around the world. That’s why it’s so important for people of my generation to get up and do something.

A lesser-known fact is that lagoons absorb four times as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as forests. This is just one of many reasons why you should pay attention to spots like Alagoas Blancas.

Not only did I want to get to know Alagoas Blancas, but I also wanted to plan a cleanup that would make it a little cleaner and make this place noticeable.

So on April 30th I did just that. About 30 people participated. Through this article, I hope more people throughout the Algarve can learn about this wonderful place.

By Aidan D’Silva

Student Aidandy Silva I moved to the town of Porch in 2020.He I will attend Nobel British International School in Lagoa. 17-year-old Lagoa student plans to clean up Alagoas Branchas

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