170 days after Ukraine invasion: UN says handicapped children abused in Ukraine orphanages –

Here are the highlights of the war-related events Ukraine Last 24 hours:

of united nations Chief wants demilitarized zone in Zaporizhia due to fear of nuclear disaster

united nations Prime Minister Antonio Guterres has proposed creating a demilitarized zone in Zaporizhia amid fears of a nuclear disaster.It takes place in a continuous denunciation between Russia When Ukraine On the shelling of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant and reports of new attacks in the surrounding area.

and united nations At a Security Council meeting convened to discuss the situation, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, said the agency should be allowed to inspect the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia. , noted that fighting near the site was the cause.serious” Crisis.

united nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also said it was “possible” what was happening.lead to catastrophe“.

Washington has also previously requested a demilitarized zone around the facility.

but, Russiaof united nations A representative said this was not an option as it would make the plants more vulnerable.”provocation” When “terrorist attack“.

Ukraine claim to Russia It knew the Ukrainian military was unlikely to retaliate.Moscow denies the allegation.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned Russia They use the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant to threaten the world with nuclear weapons.

No one else has used nuclear power plants to threaten the whole world so unequivocally and set the situation. Everyone in the world must act immediately to expel the occupiers from the territory of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.This is not just a Ukrainian need, it is a global concern,” Zelensky Said.

Meanwhile, former Russian President and current Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, accompanied by other senior Russian officials, visited pro-Russian separatist areas in the east. Ukraine, seeks further rapprochement with Russia. In Luhansk, Medvedev spoke with separatist leaders in Luhansk and Donetsk.

Medvedev’s visit comes amid suspicions that Moscow is preparing to annex most of Ukraine.

united nations: Children with disabilities are abused in an orphanage Ukraine

Children with disabilities are abused and neglected in institutions around the world. Ukraine, united nations Experts warn.

Human rights activists said the war had exacerbated their situation and called on the Ukrainian government to rectify the situation.”historical mistake“.

Their statement came after a BBC News investigation revealed widespread abuse at an orphanage in the country.

Before the war, over 100,000 children and young people lived in this house.

when Russia Thousands of people with disabilities were evicted from institutions and sent back to their families when the February invasion took place.

united nations Without proper support, they are at risk of further abuse, living on the streets or becoming victims of human trafficking, experts say.

However, thousands of people still live in Ukraine’s vast network of about 700 institutions. These places are called “orphanages”, but 90% of the people who live there have families.

They are victims of a Soviet-era system that encouraged parents to hand over their disabled children to the state.

Many people in Ukrainian society believed, and still do, that children with disabilities would receive better care in institutions.

Gerald Quinn, one of the experts united nationsThe Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities said it was a problem that existed long before the war. Ukraine hit the “reset button“.

All wars expose historical wrongs, and institutionalization is one of them.,” He said.

It’s time to hit the button to go back to the future and act. To do this, the Ukrainian government must make a clear commitment to end the system of institutionalization..”

he said in reconstruction Ukrainepeople with disabilities must be a priority – and the countries and organizations that fund this must put their money into supporting communities, not to continue living in institutions. It won’t work.

have Russia took a lot Ukraineof natural resources?

The half-year war in progress Ukraine It is also contested over its natural resources – this is described in the publication of the newspaper “Washington Post”.

Russia It has managed to acquire some of Ukraine’s most oil-rich regions. The country has abundant reserves of titanium and iron ore, as well as lithium and coal.

mined resources Ukraine It is used in various fields such as manufacturing aircraft parts and smartphones.

Moscow has now successfully deprived Kyiv of many of its own resources, which has greatly weakened the Ukrainian economy.

However, according to The Washington Post, Russia Once you start extracting resources from occupied territories, it becomes less likely that you will be able to easily find markets for them.

It is also recalled that when Crimea was annexed in 2014, Russian forces flooded most of the mines, rendering them unusable if returned to Ukrainian control.

Ukraine: US must impose sanctions on all Russian private banks

Oksana Markarova Ukraine‘s ambassador to the United States has urged the US Treasury Department to impose sanctions on all Russian private banks. She said this in an interview with a Bloomberg agency.

Sanctions play as important a role as weapons‘ said the diplomat.

At the same time, he noted that exceptions may be granted for some banks. Ambassador to the State Department Russia It is on the list of countries that support terrorism.

Zelensky Called for operational silence from the Ukrainians.Counterintelligence investigates leaked military plans

President Volodymyr in his daily video address to the people of Ukraine Zelensky It called for operational silence and restraint in a statement on the military topic. UkraineGoals and tactics in the war against Russian occupiers. This fragment of his statement, addressed to the whole country, is a high-ranking representative of power who has recently commented enthusiastically in interviews and on social networks about Kyiv’s plans for the next phase of the war. directed at the person.

I would like to note that it is important for all representatives of the state and local governments, the military sector, to comment on events on the front lines, the defense plans of the command, preparations for specific operations, etc. The general rule is simple: war This is not the time for vanity and loudnesssaid Zelensky.

According to the Ukrainian head of state, non-specific details “voiced” about Ukrainedefense plan will be better for its implementation.

If you want to leave bright headlines, that’s another job, and frankly irresponsible.If you want us to win and you want to win Ukrainethat’s another thing and you should feel your responsibility for every word you say about what our country is preparing to defend or counterattack,” president Zelensky emphasized.

Volodimir ZelenskyThe visible irritation comes in what Deputy Defense Minister Anna Maryal issued a statement on Thursday. Ukraine We are investigating a leak of information about the plans of the Ukrainian military. this is,”High-ranking military interviews for known editions.’

Malyar didn’t directly name anyone, but most recently, RBC’s online edition Ukraine Published an interview with General Dmitro Marchenko, in which he commented on the VSU’s strike on the Kakhovskaya HPP bridge, the possible advance to Kherson, and again touched on the importance of the strike on the Crimea-Crimea bridge. I was in Russia. Law enforcement officials are investigating Marchenko’s interview, according to Babel.

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