$170M Exuma Development Projected to Create Hundreds of Jobs

The planned $170 million residential and hotel real estate project on Torch Cay, south of Exuma, is projected to significantly boost the economy and employment situation, especially for the Exuma chain and Little Exuma, and will likely continue to grow during construction and beyond. Hundreds of jobs are expected to be created in To an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) commissioned by the developer, PMR Bahamas.

Torch Cay, also known as Hoag Cay, is a privately owned 707-acre island located at the “southernmost tip of the Exuma island chain,” approximately 19 miles east-southeast of Georgetown, Exuma, according to the project’s EIA.

“PMR Bahama’s proposed development is a mixed-use luxury resort and residential development with an 18-hole golf course, 81 slip marinas and waterways, 161 residential lots, 40 hotel key resorts, a marina village and an airstrip. designation of the Civil Aviation Authority,” said an EIA prepared by Waypoint Consulting Limited.

“Amenities include new beach creation and existing beach expansion/improvements, overwater bungalows, agricultural and livestock areas (farms), equestrian facilities, golf clubhouse, spa and sports pavilions, and natural areas.

“Our operations behind the home provide solid waste management, electricity, potable water, and sewerage facilities. Guests and visitors arrive at designated and safe locations.”

The project is expected to cost at least $170 million in capital investment and will create 375 to 425 jobs during the 8 to 12 year construction period and 250 to 300 jobs during operation. employment is expected.

“Although the population of Exuma and its cays nearly doubled to just under 7,000 between the 2000 and 2010 census, Little Exuma did not show this increase, directly owing to its proximity to the torch cay. It will benefit,” EIA said.

“Employees residing in Exuma can travel to Cay for their daily duties using provided buses and transportation along the Queen’s Highway.

“The community of Little Exuma will directly benefit from a community outreach program that includes the adoption of Williams Town School, a cultural village in Forbes Hill, and additional educational support and training for Exuma residents.”

EIA continues:

“Townhomes, condominiums, bungalows and employee accommodation will provide an additional 196 units.

“The highest-located resort, Ocean Ridge Resort, has up to 40 Ocean View Hotel Keys. There are related sports facilities such as pavilions, pickleball courts, volleyball courts…”

The island has been called hogcay for generations, but the name “torchcay” comes from the Amyris elemifera tree “commonly called the white torch and found in the highland vegetation,” EIA said. says.

EIA was expected to have minimal impact given that the land has already undergone considerable human development, but not in modern times, dredging marinas, developing golf courses and improving beaches. Due to part of existing habitat.

“The terrestrial impacts associated with highland development are primarily concerned with habitat loss. “This will result in inevitable loss of habitat in our green spaces, back homes and road corridors,” the EIA said.

“Approximately 250 acres of upland habitat will be affected by exploitation of these components.” $170M Exuma Development Projected to Create Hundreds of Jobs

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