18 migrants lost at sea rescued

A boat carrying migrants, including women and children, has been found missing in Maltese waters after fleeing Libya.

Originally, it was planned to carry 17 people, but it was actually 18 people.

A tweet by Médecins Sans Frontières – Sea on Tuesday said 18 people, including two young children, are now safe. “The survivors are dehydrated after not drinking for almost three days. They are currently being cared for by our team aboard Geobarenz.”

Malta has often been accused of ignoring distress calls from migrant ships and the NGOs that rescue them.

A report published by the European Council for Refugees and Asylum said that due to Malta’s national policy, the number of rescues is low in Malta.

“Between May 2020 and 2021, the Maltese Armed Forces have significantly reduced rescues at sea. Yes, if done by ship,” the report said. Said. 18 migrants lost at sea rescued

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