2025 Jubilee Plans Target Rome Move, Cleanup – English

(ANSA) – ROME, Sept. 1 – Plans for the Roman Catholic Holy Year 2025 in Rome include the mobility of the millions of pilgrims expected to come to the Eternal City in three years’ time. included a major cleanup of the trash-strewn city ad move. According to guidelines approved on Thursday by Mayor and Jubilee Commissioner Roberto Gualtieri, Prime Minister Mario Draghi and various ministers in charge, the prime minister’s office said.

The area around the Vatican will be modernized, mobility will be improved, security systems will be strengthened, and “cleanliness and public decorum will be boosted,” Draghi’s office said.

Rome has been plagued by a string of garbage crises over the years that have only partially eased since Gualtieri took office earlier this year, as well as transport disruptions and bus explosions.

Another key part of the plan is to open a new Metro C line stop at the Colosseum by the end of 2024, which will be the third in the Italian capital, the prime minister’s office said.

The plan also includes the creation of new tram lines and an interim maintenance program for subway lines A and B, the secretariat said.

According to planning guidelines, the area around the Basilica, the Jubilee Church and 15 suburban churches, among others, will be upgraded and renovated.

This ‘recertification’ also applies to many train stations, including St Peters Station.

The office said it was “essential” that these and other access points in the Vatican be “comfortable, clean, safe and secure.”

The green spaces around the historic villas and adjacent to the Tiber will also be upgraded.

Access roads to the Vatican and Lungotevere will also be rehabilitated and ‘recertified’.

A new youth hostel was also built, and “many of the pilgrims were young men and young women, boys and girls, collectively testifying to the spirit of the Jubilee”.

Social services will also be strengthened “so that those who are marginalized and suffer the most can prove their hope”.

Urban outskirts, where decay and malaise are at their peak, see projects aimed at allowing them all to participate in the Jubilee experience.

“Regarding major events, the Tor Vergata area already in use in such situations will also be upgraded and repaired” (ANSA).

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