26% increase in murder – witness news

Crime against humans increases by 45% over time

The Bahamas, Nassau-Wayne Munro, Minister of National Security, said yesterday that between January 1st and May 31st, homicides increased by 26 percent in the country compared to the same period last year.

Overall, crime against that person increased by 45 percent.

Munro said that while contributing to the budget debate in 2022/2023, serious crimes due to New Providence and Grand Bahama increased by 18% during the aforementioned period. On the other hand, crime in the Family Islands has decreased by 23% compared to 2021.

Munro said: According to the statistics released by police from January 1st to May 31st, 2022, the number of serious crimes increased from 1,580 in 2021 to 1,872 in the same period in 2022.

Wayne Munro, Minister of National Security.

“This reflects an overall 18 percent increase in the Bahamas as a whole.

“It should be noted that the statistics are due to the increased incidence in both New Providence and Grand Bahama.

“The former increased by 25% and the latter increased by 5%.

“The increase in criminal cases was primarily due to crimes against humans, an increase of 45% compared to the same period in 2021.

“So far, there have been 508 cases per year compared to 351 cases in 2021,” says Munroe.

He added: “This led to 49% and 33% increases in New Providence and Grand Bahama, respectively.

“During that time, crime against people in the Family Islands has decreased by 23 percent.”

During the period from January 1st to May 31st, 2022, 1,364 cases were reported compared to 1,229 cases in 2021 during the same period, resulting in an increase in crimes against property.

This corresponds to an increase of 17% and 1% in New Providence and Grand Bahama, respectively. Meanwhile, crimes against Family Islands assets have decreased by 20 percent.


“Murders, drugs and weapons are directly correlated with the increase in our crime statistics,” he said.

“Police shared that the lawn war over territory, drugs and guns is still going on on our streets.

“This nonsensical activity has increased the number of murders by 26. Percentage compared to last year. “There were 58 cases compared to 46 in 2021, 54 of which were in New Providence and 4 in Grand Bahama.

“Victimology revealed that 59 percent of the deceased were between the ages of 18 and 35,” Munro said.

The minister also said there were 296 gunshot incidents during this period, with the possibility of 207 multiple shots, 76 shots, and 13 shots, for a total of 1,167 shots.

“Therefore, 419 shells were collected and 8 ammunition were confiscated.

“From the above, 10 suspects were arrested in connection with the police response to the shooting report and the detection of ShotSpotter.


“As a side note, 173 firearms and 2,715 ammunition were confiscated.

“In addition, during the reporting period, 511 pounds of cocaine and 5,178 pounds. We were taken away from our city of marijuana.

“These attacks, along with a ban on other types of illegal drugs, arrested 543 people, of whom 427 were charged with related crimes.”

Munro said the statistics are “disturbing,” but according to a study, “illegal trafficking of firearms and ammunition by cross-border criminal organizations and sales by local gangs are to weapons due to our criminal element. It provides easy access. “

Munro said: “Note that the Bahamas does not manufacture guns, ammunition, or narcotics.

“All of the above comes from North and South America, especially the United States and Venezuela. Most of the confiscated weapons come from North America.

“Therefore, we will continue to work with the United States. Local responders to get rid of illegal firearms and drugs from the streets.” 26% increase in murder – witness news

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