27% of flight cancellations within 6 hours of takeoff

Twenty-seven percent of flights canceled at Dublin Airport this week were choked off within six hours of takeoff.

Passengers have expressed dissatisfaction as flights have been canceled throughout Europe due to a shortage of airport and airline staff.

Aer Lingus is the latest operator to apologize to our customers for canceling another four outbound flights scheduled tomorrow.

Travel expert Eogan Collie said businesses need to give people more time to deal with cancellations.

Collie told Talk Radio: “The real problem is counting today. It’s a big problem when passengers are already at the airport, as 27% of the flights canceled at Dublin Airport last week were within 6 hours.” M It will be less in the future. I’m expecting that. “

Defense Force

On the other hand, DAA will bear the full cost of dispatching Defense Force personnel to the airport.

It’s according to the Minister of Transport, as Army members are preparing to help airport staff starting next week.

There is even more travel turmoil this week, with 10 flights of Aer Lingus suffering from Covid-related cancellations between today and tomorrow.

Greens leader Amon Ryan said he had reached an agreement this summer to ease pressure on airport staff.

Ryan told Talk Radio: “All these arrangements have been agreed between the Department of Defense and Dublin Airport. Dublin Airport will pay the full amount for the measures they require.” 27% of flight cancellations within 6 hours of takeoff

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