3 garden parties in 3 weeks

I took my mother Marion Hughes. Everyone’s refinery was a bit damp and windswept, lined with colorful umbrellas, but this did not undermine our spirit and the long-awaited expectation and excitement of finally getting there.

When the national anthem began, we entered the palace, walked back to the gardens and lawns, and found places to line up.

3 garden parties in 3 weeks
At Buckingham Palace …

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was walking along a line of guests with Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

Camilla was talking to the couple in front of us, looking back and walking directly to us and shaking hands. She stopped, talked to us, and asked about the work of “Alerta.” She was very interested!

After that, we received royalties such as cucumber sandwiches, Victoria sponge, and scones with clotted cream. We were provided with an ice cream tub by Footman on the lawn.

Sadly, we didn’t walk in the garden because of the rain – we were cold and wet by this time.

3 garden parties in 3 weeks 3 garden parties in 3 weeks
A wonderful afternoon in the lovely environment of Juancho’s figs in Mescine

Alerta Charity Jubilee Tea Party

After that, I returned to Algarve and started running to finish the preparations for the “Allele Charity Jubilee Tea Party” held at Juancho E Yraus in Mescine.

At the charity shop, there were already lots of plans and trips to look for China tea sets and collect donations for China and Raffle prizes.

I asked Mesines Bombeiros to help me with the tables and chairs, and Mesines Juntade Freguesia also helped me rent out the tables and deliver them to the venue.

3 garden parties in 3 weeks 3 garden parties in 3 weeks
Juancho’s fig cake and scones

A team of volunteers also helped with weeks of baking, washing before and after, setting up tables, making sandwiches, and even hydrating everyone.

Not only did we join the wonderful people who bought the tickets and were very successful, but we were also blessed with the “companies” of Sylves and Mescine Bombayros, Vice President of the United Kingdom of Mescine Junta Carla Benedito. Consul of Portimao Clive Jewel, and his outstanding British Ambassador to Portugal Chris Sainty and his lovely wife Sarah Helen.

Everyone had a great afternoon in a nice environment, but thanks to the dedication and hard work of all the volunteers, it was all a great success.

3 garden parties in 3 weeks 3 garden parties in 3 weeks
Donation to Bombay Ross

Ambassador’s Jubilee Party

And finally, on June 1st, I am very honored to be invited to the Ambassador’s Jubilee Party in Lisbon.

Another great night to attend with Louise Semian, another founding member of “Arelta”. There was a very interesting exhibition of the Queen’s official visit to Portugal. This includes the fact that Her Majesty Queen Rolls-Royce actually traveled while here.

We met some very interesting people and had a surprising visit from Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Souza.

3 garden parties in 3 weeks 3 garden parties in 3 weeks
Ambassador’s Jubilee Party

Again, it’s a great day to make lots of memories, but most importantly, the Ambassador of Allerta, to spread the word of our work and raise important funding to support Bombero this summer. That is.

Debbie Burton

Debbie Burton is the President of the Forest Fire Warning Association, Allerta. Associação para Alertade Incêndio Florestal – 3 garden parties in 3 weeks

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