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3 killed in 2 school shootings in Brazil

He said some of the survivors’ lives remain in danger because of their wounds.
“We are rooting for them and praying for their recovery,” he said.
Security camera footage aired in Brazilian media showed the shooter, wearing military-style camouflage and brandishing a gun, running into the school. Caused the staff to flee in fear when they started firing.
Officials said the shooter, the son of a police officer, used two pistols in the attack. Both were registered with their father.
Casagrande said the boy had carefully planned his attack, breaking in through a locked door and slipping past school security.
He then entered the teacher’s lounge, the first room he visited, and opened fire, the governor said.
“He was going to shoot people. He opened fire on the first people he met,” he said.
Civil Police Commissioner João Francisco Filho told reporters the suspect had been planning the attack for “two years” and didn’t appear to have a “clear target”.
An AFP photographer said investigators were seen carrying the victim’s body in a coffin and loading it into a police truck outside the school, which was taped off from the crime scene.
The city’s population is about 100,000.
‘Unreasonable tragedy’
Although school shootings are relatively rare in Brazil, they have increased in recent years.
In 2011, 12 children were killed in Brazil’s worst school shooting, when a man opened fire on a former elementary school in the Rio de Janeiro suburb of Realengo.
In 2019, two former students shot dead eight people at a high school in Suzano, a suburb of Sao Paulo.
Brazil’s president-elect Luis Inacio Lula da Silva called the recent shootings a “ridiculous tragedy”.
“Sad to learn of the attack,” he wrote on Twitter.
“I offer my solidarity with the families of the victims … and support the investigation into Governor Casagrande and support for the two school communities.”
Lula, who was president of Brazil from 2003 to 2010, will take office on January 1 after defeating far-right President Jair Bolsonaro in last month’s elections.
He has been a strong critic of Bolsonaro’s dramatic relaxation of gun laws.
Since former army captain Bolsonaro took office in 2019, the number of registered gun owners in Brazil has more than quintupled, from 117,000 to 673,000, following a series of easing restrictions on firearms and ammunition. backed by an Executive Order of
Bruno Langeani, a public security expert at the Sou da Paz Institute, told AFP that the policies of the incoming government have made such attacks more likely.
“The increased availability of firearms in recent years, driven by the Bolsonaro regime, has fueled these kinds of episodes,” he said.
Recent attacks have spurred calls for reform of gun policy.
“Gun policy needs to be reviewed,” tweeted Senator-elect Wellington Diaz, a Lula supporter.

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