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313 remain in the poll race

B. Isaac

Kuwait: As many as 313 candidates will stand in the general election for the National Assembly on September 29, after withdrawing from the campaign on Thursday when 65 candidates closed out. The candidates include 291 men and 22 women, according to the interior ministry’s electoral department. However, this figure could change depending on the country’s Supreme Court ruling determining the fate of about 10 candidates who were banned by an Interior Ministry committee for being convicted of criminal and political offences. .

The country is divided into 5 electoral districts, each electing 10 members of parliament of 50 seats. There are approximately 796,000 voters, of which female voters slightly outnumber male voters. The decision is final, and the Constitutional Court, which examines constitutional issues, set yesterday Sunday as the date for ruling on whether the highly controversial law is in line with the Constitution.

Passed by parliament in 2013 and amended by parliament in 2016, the law bans for life anyone convicted of insulting the Almighty, the Prophet, or the Amir from running for public office. increase. This law also applies to old crimes. At the same time, the Court of Cassation was scheduled to convene Thursday night to discuss petitions filed by the government against 10 candidates demanding they be barred from running for election. Court decisions are final.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/313-remain-in-poll-race/ 313 remain in the poll race

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