38 more to be investigated in Ndrangheta wasteful, vote-buying case – English

(ANSA) – Rome, November 24 – About 38 more people in two areas of the main Florentine investigation into mafia vote-buying and illegal disposal of toxic waste, by the “Ndrangheta Mafia” of Calabria, Tuscany has been placed under investigation, judicial sources said Thursday.
An investigation revealed links between the Tuscan businessman and the Calabrian mob, sources said.
About 26 people, including politicians, civil servants and businessmen associated with the Gareth family of Gadavalle near Catanzaro, were investigated on the first strand.
A further 12 people were targeted in the second phase of the investigation, including family members, a local civil servant, and Claudio Pieroni, a local councilor for the center-left Democratic Party (PD). was included. Toxic waste disposal approved.
“Italy’s richest and most powerful mafia, the ‘Ndrangheta, have spread from their southern strongholds to the wealthier northern Italian regions and most of the developed world.
It controls much of the European cocaine trade. (ANSA).

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