3D Meat, African Queen, Dubai Beef Bar… Jiraudi Group’s Meat Project

Monegasque entrepreneur Ricardo Giraudi and his executive chef Thierry Pardette talked about their (many) ideas and collaborations, past and future.

What do a beef bar in Milan, a cantinetta antinori in London, an Indian kebab on Princess Caroline Street and an American diner on Princess Grace Street all have in common? Thanks to the team, it’s one of a long list of restaurants opening soon. Group executive, along with his chef Thierry Pardette, the Monegasque entrepreneur Giraudi, who specializes in catering but also imports premium meats, talks about future openings and partnerships planned by his group. increase.

Thierry Pardette – © Adrien Daste

3D printed meat

Among them are some real gambling that are astonishing at first glance. For example, his recent partnership with three vegan groups: Australian-born Fable, French-born Happyvore and Redefine Meat, an Israeli company that successfully produces meat thanks to 3D printing.

“These partnerships are part of our meat division,” says Ricardo Giraudi. “As a businessman, given the recent growth in the vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian space, I thought I should embrace this whole trend rather than criticize it. We started looking for producers. We tried to select the purest products because not everything vegan is necessarily healthy.

Ricardo Giraudi, who already offers several vegan offerings in his famous beef bar, will be introducing alternative proteins in his future leaf bar planned for the summer. It’s meant to complement the meat range, not replace it. It’s like finding another protein, just like meat, fish and vegetables. It’s delicious, it’s fresh, it’s feminine, you have to try it,” he says.

“I strongly believe, it’s a different way of eating, lighter and fresher. If we manage to open in July, customers will come,” agrees Thierry Pardette.

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Riccardo Giraudi is also playing an educational role, reassuring consumers about 3D printed meat. It is a technique that combines muscle, fat and juice. They have successfully replicated meat using natural, non-chemical means.People think we eat printers, but of course we don’t. It’s technology, it’s the only industrial side. Everything you can eat is natural. (…) It’s not the food of the future, but it’s part of the future. Still a very new product, but very popular in southern countries, including France. “

This popularity is explained by the quality of imitations. Taste, texture, appearance… the results are astounding for this luxury meat professional. But remember, the cuts should be served with sauce or marinated…don’t eat raw ingredients.

Mauro Colagreco – great story

Mauro Colagreco Ricardo Giraudi
Mauro Colagreco and Ricardo Giraudi – © Emilie Malcorps

All-new adventures await Ricardo and his team through these partnerships. And while he recognizes the importance of gambling, entrepreneurs know that even the most unexpected partnerships can yield great results. One was a collaboration with world-renowned chef Mauro his Colagreco.

“This was a very unlikely partnership,” admits Riccardo. “It happened during Covid. Our restaurant, Anahi, is the oldest Argentinian restaurant in Paris. ‘Mauro Colagreco is here, we know him, he knows us too…would you suggest that he create a menu?’

An offer that Mauro Colagreco readily accepted, oddly enough, because his current business partner, a three-star chef, was washing dishes in the 1980s… in Anahi! The stars seemed to be in line, as I had just published a cookbook for . “I said to him, ‘Look, you wrote a book for Anahi,'” Riccardo laughs. “It was a huge success and Anahi is out of the world of beef bars.”

2022 executions with 1969 DNA needed

About Ricardo Giraudi, African Queen of Beaulieu-sur-Mer

african queen challenge

And with ten facilities open since 2020, Giraudi’s balance sheet is more than positive. The group currently operates 20 beef bars and has 10 beef bars in development around the world. The signature restaurant has expanded internationally into his six sub-brands, including Vegan Beef Bar (future Leaf Bar), Petit Beef Bar, Japanese Beef Bar, Secret Beef Bar, and Beef Bar Blue, a restaurant for big cities. I’m trying Luxury is available for just €20.

“Year of Madness”, in the words of Riccardo Giraudi, is not just about beef bars and their variants. announced that it recently acquired the rights to From Paris to London, via Milan, New York and Doha, the juggernaut is unstoppable.

But one of the flagship projects of the past year has been the acquisition of the legendary African Queen in Beaulieu-sur-Mer in partnership with Patrick Joanini and Philippe Shuriki. “We believe this is the future of the restaurant business. To carry on these famous brands with great histories, roots and heritage. ,The African Queen is an iconic restaurant nearby.Our clients in Monaco often go to Beaulieu, so I thought there was something there.Everything needs to be revamped, but nothing should change. No, there’s DNA there, there’s history, we need a 2022 execution with 1969 DNA, we’re going to revisit the concept and bring it up to date, we’ll keep 70% of the dishes, but , is our level: it should be chic, yet simple, ”explains Ricardo.

African Queen Beaulieu-sur-Mer
© African Queen

“We need to revive the restaurant,” adds Thierry Pardette. “Also, from 2023 he plans to open his African Queen in Dubai through 2024, so we need to make sure we satisfy our international clientele.”

The Giraudi Group will also open a petit beef bar in the UAE’s largest city. A ‘big’ challenge for Ricardo, who is well aware of the risks. If you succeed in Dubai, you can succeed anywhere. Dubai has already failed. Whatever your brand, you need to make sure it’s in the best spot. “

But Ricardo and Thierry are confident. For Ricardo Giraudi, quality has always been the watchword, apart from the strategic and vital location choice for the future brand. “We are improving the quality of our products without skyrocketing prices,” concludes the entrepreneur, who recognizes the great work his staff has done on the ground given the mountain of projects. “As business people, you can have ideas, but they are the ones who make them happen. Thanks to the staff, we are here today.” 3D Meat, African Queen, Dubai Beef Bar… Jiraudi Group’s Meat Project

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