4 out of 10 Italians cut consumption due to Ukrainian war-English

(ANSA)-Rome, June 7-10 Italians out of 10 will cut consumption due to the Ukrainian war, a report by Legacoop and polling agency Ipsos said Tuesday.

A whopping 95% of Italians are convinced that the conflict will affect the Italian economy, according to a report by Fragil Italia.

However, for February, we believe that the knock-on effect may be included at a high rate of 48% compared to 42%.

About 47% feel a big impact.

This concern is as high as 52% among working class households.

About 38% of Italians believe that they will rise 6 points in February and lose some of their purchasing power due to the war.

About 68% suffered from general anxiety due to rising living expenses, up 2 points in February.

Concerns about potential gas supply cuts fell 17 points compared to February to 39%.

“In countries already affected by major wage problems, rising living costs are eroding savings, increasing inequality and spreading anxiety,” said Legacoop President Mauro Lucetti.

“We must protect the purchasing power of Italians.

“Urgent measures are needed to tackle price emergencies.”


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