4 to receive the honor of the Merlin Award

For the first time in the history of the Merlin Award, the award will be awarded in the name of the late Dr. Miles E. Munro, and will be awarded to Jamie’JT’Thomas after his death. The late Gospel music producer, promoter, radio and television personality from Trinidad and Tobago will be the first recipient of Dr. Miles E. Munro’s International Leadership Award.

Thomas celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin Awards as Caribbean gospel recognizes the outstanding achievements of Caribbean gospel music, and four people are praised for their contributions to home and regional gospel music. I will be one of them.

The late Sir Edward Charles Carter II and the legend of the Gospel, the Love Singers, are two Bahamians who are honored with Adrian Agard of Barbados, a pioneer in the industry.

Sir Charles will be awarded the Local Contribution Award for his significant contributions to the advancement and promotion of Bahamian gospel music at the Silver Jubilee Ceremony at the Myles E. Munroe Diplomat Center starting at 6 pm on Sunday, July 3rd. ..

He began his broadcasting career at the Bahamas Broadcasting Corporation in 1964 as a radio announcer. He then produced several shows, including “These are Bahamans,” who traveled to the islands of the Bahamas in search of a story. , People and culture.

Kevin’Minister K’Harris, founder and president of the Merlin Awards, said the show presented Sir Charles with the perfect vehicle that could allow the Bahamans to share their stories. Sir Charles also used the show as a platform to introduce and promote Bahamian gospel music, he said.

“Many traditional and contemporary gospel artists have appeared in’These are Bahamans’, opening up gospel recording artists to more people,” Harris said.

The legendary gospel group, The Love Singers, is awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for its many years of achievement in creating, promoting and advancing Bahamian and Caribbean gospel music.

“The legendary love singer can be seen as a true Bahamian gospel supergroup,” Harris said. “The band has a legacy of reliability and innovation that has reshaped the Gospel music scene in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the entire world.”

Love Singers was founded around 1974 by Myron Walker, Felton Williamson and Johnny Swann. The group grew into a band in 1976 with the addition of Lionel Harris, Charles Brown and Michael Bullard. The addition of the late Dr. Mark Bethel to the vocals, Harris said, guaranteed a “recipe” for their greatness.

The list of former members of the group includes Andrew Gardiner, Labonne Harris, Johnny Swan, Charles Brown, Michael Bullard, Felton Williamson, Patrice and Jacob Makfi, Sacario Reedon, Fred Ferguson, Willola.・ Capron that can be read like a genuine person of Bahamian music including Carol and Malvese.

“Bethel leads the group after Myron Walker’s death, and his vocal gifts are responsible for successfully navigating the group throughout the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the United States, along with the band’s skillful styling, personality, and devout personality. The Gospel group served in words and songs, such as “Christian ABC,” “Let you live,” “No one changed the world,” “Give me a clean heart.” Had a hit song.

Winner of Dr. Miles E. Munro’s International Leadership Award, Thomas was well known as the host and producer of the evangelical television show “Rise & Shine,” which aired on the Caribbean-based television network Tempo.

According to Harris, Thomas has also worked closely with the Caribbean Gospel Music Merlin Awards for many years to help promote the award show as well as create networking and promotional opportunities for artists.

As a result of many years of promotion and promotion of Caribbean gospel music, Thomas was awarded the Presidential Award in 2014, one of the highest honors awarded at each ceremony.

Barbados promoter and regional Christian retail pioneer Agard is awarded the Presidential Award, which is considered one of the highest honors.

In 1981, Agard pioneered the contemporary gospel music program “Priority”. From 1981 to 1988, he coordinated events for the band “Promise” and led tours to the various islands of the Caribbean.

Agard was on the committee that planned the first Barbados Gospel Fest in 1993. Thirty years later, Barbados Gospel Fest became known as “The Best Christian Music Arts Festival in the Caribbean”.

“Under his leadership, the festival has become more diverse in providing music and art, with an emphasis on providing a platform for Barbados, regional and international artists,” Harris said.

In 1998, with his wife Grace, he established the “Things Gospel” retail store in Barbados, providing a variety of Christian materials and supplies.

The Silver Jubilee celebration will feature several local and regional gospel artists, including two top nominees this year, Joel’Positive’ Murray from Trinidad and Tobago, Kevin Downswell from Jamaica, and two top conomies. intend to do something. -Group candidates Christopher Roberts & Friends and Gateway Outreach Ministry (GOM) feature the Bahamas’ Oslien Jadorte.

The show’s lineup also includes other top candidates, including this year’s top female candidate, Carla T. Newton of the Grand Bahamas, and Sherwin Gardner of Trinidad and Tobago, who currently lives in the Bahamas. Neesha Woodz of Barbados. Samuel Medas of Guyana. Other identified performers include Harvest Generation, Aria Corey, and Allison Mason Roll. Several other artists will be added to the show shortly.

At the Silver Jubilee celebration, Cara T. Newton, Christopher Roberts & Friends, and Chosen Soldiers were nominated for multiple awards. The show is back in its 26th year since 2017, after being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Newton has a total of 13 nominations and is the 2022 Marlin Awards Women’s Top Nomination and Bahamas Top Nomination. She has won several important nominations, including outstanding new artists. Excellent Junkanoo Rake & Scrape Recording of her single “Recovery”; Excellent rake & scrape vocal performance of “I Claim It”. Outstanding songs from “Recovery” and outstanding albums from “Road to Recovery”.

Newton has also been nominated for an outstanding “more than enough” contemporary vocal performance (duo group) featuring Oslien Jadorte. Excellent contemporary vocal performance (female) of “This is Love”. An outstanding dance recording for “he governs”. Excellent instrumental recording for “he governs”. An outstanding jazz recording for “he”. Excellent praise and worship recordings of “everything” (female). Excellent traditional vocal performance (solo) of “God’s Been Good”. And an outstanding traditional recording for “God was good”.

Christopher Roberts & Friends received nine nominations – the outstanding album “The Choir Project”. A choral recording of an outstanding choir for “Message from the Lord” featuring Clement Penn Jr. Outstanding John Canoe Lake & Scrape Recording “Jehovah Nick A Time” featuring Rev. Simeon Auten. Excellent John Canoe Lake & Scrape Vocal Performance of “Jehovah Nick A Time” featuring Rev. Simeon Auten. Excellent music video (Duo Group) of “A Higher Call to Serve”. Outstanding new artist; outstanding song “Jehovah Nick a Time” featuring Rev. Simeon Auten. An outstanding traditional recording “Plead the Blood” featuring Shaniqua Thurston. Excellent traditional vocal performance (duo group) of “Plead the Blood” featuring Shanikua Thurston.

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Joel’Positive’Murray is an 18-nominated overall nominee and top male nominee.

Nominations have been announced in more than 50 categories, and several other Bahamian gospel artists have also received important nominations. GOM featured Oslien Jadorte, who received eight nominations from Bimini and became the first group from Bimini, making GOM the most church. Nominated artist.

Bahamian reggae artist Lamont’Monty G’Green also won eight nominations for his single “Back on My Feet Again,” including outstanding reggae recording and reggae vocal performance (male).

Monty G has also been nominated for Outstanding Song, Outstanding Album, Outstanding Dancehall and Outstanding DJ Vocal Permanence, making him the only Bahamian to be nominated in almost every reggae category this year.

Immediately behind is Harvest Generation, a worship team in the Bahamas Harvest Church based in New Providence.

Singer-songwriter Alia Coley has won six nominations for her hit single “Favor,” including Outstanding Song, Outstanding Music Video (female), and Outstanding Calypso / Soca Vocal Performance (female).

Corey was also nominated for an excellent soca recording of “Favor” and became the first female artist in the history of the Merlin Awards to be nominated in this category of the Bahamas.

Pop sensation Monique Theres also won five nominations for her single “Your Love,” which was nominated for an outstanding song.

Gospel R & B artist Sammi’Sammi Starr’ Poitier, along with Vanessa Clarke, received five nominations and five.

Gospel hip-hop artists Ricardo’Mr. Beeds’ Forbes and Kelda’Timeless’ Sweeting have each received three nominations.

Two nominations each were for female praise and worship artist Kenya Ferguson, singer Alison Mason Roll and Raming Brothers. Gospel reggae artist and television producer Orlando’Landlord’Miller has also been nominated for two nominations: Outstanding Adapted Recording for a remake of the internationally worshiped national anthem “Waymaker” and Outstanding Reggae Pop Recording (Duo Group) for the single “Lord You’re My Strength”. I received it. With Isabel Davis.

Hip-hop artists Clifford’Big Blue’Riley and Gospel Hip-Hop Duo’s selected soldiers (Brothers Don Jr. and Chaz Major) also received two nominations and won the first Merlin Award nominations. They are also the youngest to be nominated this year at the ages of 16 and 12, respectively.

Past Marlin Award winners Elnathan’DJ Counsellor’ Rolle and Adrian Edgecome each received one nomination. Female artists Ratya Kalmar and Sunae Russell were also nominated for one each.

Silver Jubilee Anniversary makes the Merlin Awards the longest-running gospel music award show in the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

The Marlin Awards, launched by Harris on March 16, 1996, are now considered the best gospel music award to recognize and honor Bahamian and Caribbean gospel music worldwide. Its vision and main purpose is to promote the excellence and growth of Caribbean gospel music.

The award began with the Bahamas Gospel Music Marlin Award and in 2000 included eight categories to recognize Caribbean gospel artists and their music.

In 2022, the award was renamed the Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin Award, bringing together artists from all over the Bahamas and the Caribbean for the first time.

The Merlin Awards serve as the final event of the Merlin Weekend of Events. This includes the Merlin Fest Concert at the Bahamas Harvest Church West Campus (JFK) starting at 7 pm on Friday, July 1st, as well as the Merlin Summit Workshop. Saturday, July 2nd, from 9am at the Bahamas Ministry of Faith

Tickets for this year’s Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin Awards start at $ 25 for general admission, $ 30 for doors, and $ 50 for VIP. Tickets can be purchased at the Logos Bookstore at Harbor Bay Shopping Plaza, the Oasis Bookstore & Cafe at Miles E. Munro Diplomat Center, and the Bible Book & Gift Center at Palmdale Shopping Plaza. 4 to receive the honor of the Merlin Award

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