40% of Global Real-Time Digital Payments in India in 2021: PM Modi

Berlin [Germany]May 3: To the Indian community in Berlin, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that 40 percent of the total real-time digital payments made worldwide in 2021 were made in India.

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the work done by the government in integrating the use of technology and governance.

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“The way technology is included in India’s rule is not only a testament to the new political will of the new India, but also evidence of its ability to provide democracy,” Modi said.

In his speech to the Diaspora of India, the Prime Minister emphasized the work of his government and also took a jib in the opposition, mainly in parliament.

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The Prime Minister talked about providing many services of various government sectors online, “about 10,000 services of central government, provincial governments and local governments online, such as government support, scholarships and payments to farmers. Now available. The money was sent directly to your bank account. “

“Now I don’t have to say I’m sending 1 rupee from Delhi and 15 Paisas will reach (people),” Modi said in a jive directed to former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

“What kind of” hand “was it that scraped off 85 Paisa,” he added.

“This is the same country you left to come here, the country is the same, the bureaucracy is the same, the offices are the same, the tables are the same,” Modi said of the diaspora. The files are the same, the pens are the same, the government machines are the same, but the results are now much better. “

The Prime Minister also talked about the success of the Direct Beneficiary Transfer (DBT) scheme and focused on the large amount of money sent directly to the beneficiaries.

“India has sent more than Rs 220,000 through DBT over the last 7-8 years, which is over $ 300 billion. This amount goes to the beneficiary’s account without intermediaries, reductions or reductions. It arrives directly. “Prime Minister Modi said.

The Prime Minister also talked about “a record number of airports being built in the country”, the large-scale work of metro construction, and the connection between the village and the fiber optic network.

“Before 2014, everything was going on everywhere. No one criticized it, but when the road was built, we dug up electricity and water. To end this, Prime Minister Gati Shakti. A master plan that brings all stakeholders together in one platform. “

This speech to the Indian community took place shortly after the 6th India-German Intergovernmental Conference, co-chaired by Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Olaf Scholz.

The prime minister said intergovernmental talks were productive.

Prime Minister Modi also held a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Olaf Scholz today. This was their first involvement since Prime Minister Olaf Scholz took office in December 2021.

The discussion covered key areas of bilateral cooperation under an overall strategic partnership, as well as regional and global development.

Prime Minister Modi will also visit Denmark on Tuesday to meet with leaders from the Nordic countries. He will also make a stopover in Paris on Wednesday to meet the newly re-elected President Emmanuel Macron of France. (ANI)

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