45 people complain to used car mileage scandal minister

Minister Julia Fargia Portelli has filed a complaint with the Malta Competitive Consumer Affairs Bureau (MCCAA) in parliament after it was found that the mileage of used cars was lower than intended.

She urged suspicious people to talk to the authorities.

MaltaToday reported that hundreds of people sold used Japanese cars with mileage gauges that had been tampered with by at least two car dealers.

Farrugia said the government wanted to provide assistance to the victims and urged people to submit a report to the MCCAA. She also emphasized zero tolerance on this issue.

Today, Transport Malta has issued guidelines for customers to ensure that the mileage of used cars has not been tampered with.

The guidelines require you to look up the chassis number on the logbook or license disc.Then it leads people to visit

You can then enter the chassis number in the required field to compare the current mileage with the mileage on the certificate. It states that if the mileage of the instrument cluster is less than the JEVIC certificate, you will need to ask your car dealer for clarification.

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