5 Best Digital Detox Breaks in Switzerland

Since the concept was first introduced by former tech geeks Levi Felix and Brooke Dean in 2012, it has inspired thousands of tech-obsessed people around the world to connect by disconnecting from technology. It’s been done.

Here are five of the best tech-free stays in Switzerland.

Hotel Rosenlaui

If you’ve always dreamed of traveling back in time, the hugely popular Hotel Rosenlaui might be for you. The hotel has been visited by many famous writers, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Johann Goethe, Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Situated off the beaten path, as previous guests aptly described, this charming hotel has lived up to its traditions since it was built in 1771. Receiving a phone call urges even the most tech-obsessed guests to give up the plight of connecting to the outside world and immerse themselves in the majestic views of Berner’s Alps.

Indoors, there’s a hotel-inspired salon with a variety of books and board games to encourage conversation among guests. Perfect for rainy days!


In the mood for an animal vacation? The Valle di Blenio in Ticino offers visitors another form of relaxation: hiking with goats and donkeys.

In 2014 Susanne Bigler Gloor, a former executive at a major bank, combines her passion for people with her love for animals, specializing in human-animal interactions. Thus Somarelli was born.

Freed from push notifications and pop-up messages, Somarelli allows travelers to escape from everyday life and find peace in this tranquil oasis surrounded by a wide variety of animals. Trekkers can hop on the backs of mules, stroll alongside alpacas, and adapt to the rhythms of their four-legged companions to become one with nature.

Benediktinerkloster Disentis

This 8th-century Benedictine abbey is the ideal getaway for those looking for something a little different. The monastery is estimated to have been founded by him in 614, but was destroyed by his Avars in Pannonia in 670 and rebuilt in 711 and dedicated to Saint Martin.

Renovated in late 17th-century Baroque style, the monastery houses St. Martin’s and Marien’s Churches, and visitors can join the monks in daily public prayers to connect with peace and solitude.

For the rest of the day, vacationers can dine and chat casually at Stiva Sogn Placi, visit the monastery’s own museum (a real treasure trove!), and explore the vast library full of travel books to recommend to vacationers. You can browse. Explore the surrounding Surselva Valley.

Staying in a monastery, whether for a short or long trip, is sure to be an experience for the mind, body and soul.

Hotel Simenfel

If you crave peace, quiet, and a completely Wi-Fi-free break, you are at the right address. Hotel Simmenfälle is not only located behind the Lenk river in Simmental, in the Simme river valley, 4 km from the nearest mobile phone base station, the hotel also has an electromagnetic shield for guests with health problems. Some rooms have Effects of overuse of mobile phones.

No electronic devices such as smartphones, iPads, laptops, smart watches or even baby monitors are allowed on the premises. Guests (and staff!) are strongly encouraged to relax (or work) in airplane mode. Instead, visitors can enjoy a dip in a romantic wood-fired hot tub overlooking Shimmerfall or a quirky dinner inside a caravan.

Valbella Resort

As challenging as it may be, we all know that raising children is not the easiest task at hand. In today’s rapidly evolving technological environment, even children are inevitably victims of technology overuse.

Luckily, the Valbella Resort in Graubünden has a wide range of activities to soothe young minds. Children can commute to the hotel’s Wald Kindergarten while parents enjoy a well-deserved vacation away from the digital demands of modern society. sands ELECTRONIC TOYS AND SMARTPHONES – Learn to read animal tracks, find secret trails, and tell stories around the campfire.

Outside of summer, you can solve riddles as part of your adventure games, build a LEGO fortress at Kid’s Inn, play pool, and participate in a variety of outdoor activities.

Adults are also encouraged to become one with nature by going Nordic walking, taking a bike tour, trying ChiYoga or, for those tech-weary, taking part in on-site de-stressing courses. increase. 5 Best Digital Detox Breaks in Switzerland

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