56,000 counseling sessions for sex workers in 4 years –

Three Senate-funded sex worker counseling centers were visited more than 56,000 times between 2017 and 2020.

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Women enter the women’s counseling center “Olga” in Kurfürstenstraße, Berlin.

This means that the counseling center will provide about 12,000 to about 16,000 consultations annually, according to the Senate’s response to the formal request. The 2021 data was not yet available.

Over 5 million euros in a professional counseling center

Funding for so-called professional counseling centers for sex workers was € 2.3 million for the association “Hydra”, € 2 million for the women’s center “Olga” in the Berlin paramedics and about € 840,000 for the men’s counseling center. Hilfe für Jungs “. Berlin also has a drop-in counseling center for sex workers. For example, the Sexual Health and Family Planning Center.

The consultation is well received and the need for multilingual services

According to a Senate statement, the numbers showed that counseling offers were highly taken up and, as a result, some professional counseling was accepted. However, the Senate has identified the need to expand the offering of competent, low-threshold multilingual counseling. However, because we do not know the total number of sex workers in Berlin, we could not determine if the majority of sex workers were using counseling offers. The counseling center estimates this figure to be between 6,000 and 8,000, making up the majority of women in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Prostitution has been considered a profession since 2002

In Germany, prostitution has been considered a profession since 2002. The Prostitution Protection Act, which requires sex workers to have an ID card with health counseling and legal guidance, has been in force since 2017. ID cards are allowed to work with authorized prostitutes. In Berlin, nearly 1,000 of these registration certificates were issued by the middle of last year.

Meanwhil, the so-called “Action Group Berlin Pro Nordic Model”, seeks better exit options for prostitutes and stricter punishment for John. The so-called Nordic model has been adopted in other countries in accordance with Swedish law since 1999. The counseling center Hydra aims to change the way we look at things, instead blaming sex work and strengthening women’s rights.

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