6 Reasons Everyone Should Fight for Assange’s Freedom

The judicial system failed to uphold the principles to be protected in the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, so the public needed a peaceful global protest to run in parallel with Assange’s legal struggle. I have to wake up. Sarah Cessa..

UK Minister of Interior Priti Patel Said she had recently I do not have a reason To prevent Julian Assange from being handed over.

Assange’s lawyers have announced an appeal and have also drawn the attention of the High Court to the UK Government’s recent approval of an act of espionage to harm one of Assange’s lawyers.

Priti Patel publication With her “yes” to Julian Assange’s delivery to the United States Presentation According to it, as an approval of the court’s decision that Assange’s delivery to the United States is “legal.”

At that time, I told a European lawyer:

The fact is that individuals who serve the judicial system have human nature, even if they are difficult to accept. And within human nature itself, we can find the possibility of serving certain interests that have nothing to do with the desire for truth and justice, and the passion for truth.

Assange Legal Team Announces “New Developments” at Court Hearing

Julian Assange’s legal team has announced that a “serious submission” will be made to the British Interior Minister, who decides to hand over the founder of WikiLeaks to the United States.

Journalists like Assange have helped the public identify fraud in national security and other areas, but this does not mean that they can relinquish their responsibility to observe and evaluate reality. ..

Awakening the need for peaceful global protests to run in parallel with Julian Assange’s legal struggle, as it is visible that the judicial system failed to uphold the basic principles that must be adhered to. Here is a list of reasons why it should be.

  • a Treaty Although it is banned from being handed over for political reasons, it has been approved for the most political handing over in decades.
  • One of Assange’s lawyers, Jennifer RobinsonSpy by the British government. Admitted Violation of provisions under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR);
  • The witnesses that the United States issued the statement I liedHowever, delivery to countries that want to prosecute Assange on those charges is in progress.
  • the WikiLeaks The publisher has been charged with informing the public of the actual war crimes, ECHR Establish “freedom to hold opinions, receive and convey information and ideas, without interference from public institutions and regardless of frontier.”
  • the 1917 Espionage Act Have been Already used To Assange-He claims he will be tried fairly, but that’s because it’s the only US law that prevents journalists from publishing such confidential documents for the public good. Obviously impossible.When
  • Hacking fees will be considered Unfounded By the experts who analyzed them and testified at the hearing, but Assange’s delivery is still in progress.

All of this is the fact that Assange’s legal team can bring it to the High Court on the next appeal, in light of Patel’s political statement.

The first-instance judge did not include these points in the reasons for blocking Assange’s deportation. This is why you can ask the High Court to rule on the possibility of including basic issues such as reasons for refusing to hand over.

The judicial system has skipped them so far, but the public now has the right to expect it to behave differently.

At the same time, we must not forget what has happened so far. Publishers are in arbitrary detention as follows: Authenticated By United Nations (UN) Experts-Previous Ecuadorian embassy after Belmarsh Prison –With the UN Special Rapporteur Professor Nils Melzer publication Obvious signs of psychological torture.

The importance of civilian protests was proposed to me many years ago by the former Icelandic Minister of Interior. Ogmundur JonasonWho Stop When the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was told that the plan was to assemble Assange.

At that time, Jonathan told Independent Australia:

The FBI tried to make Iceland an accomplice to Julian Assange’s framing

Former Icelandic Interior Minister has told Independent Australia how to stop US intervention in order to protect WikiLeaks and its publisher Julian Assange.

Therefore, there are six additional deceptions that the public needs to know in order to understand that defending this Australian journalist is as important as participating in the general resistance to najifascism.

1. A false story depicting Assange as an irresponsible person

Witness statements in court are more effective than publicity.WikiLeaks has many of them from authoritative persons who have described that they have made significant efforts in terms of human resources and financial investment to ensure the name of US sources. It was deleted From documents and encryption used to protect the original copy containing these names.One of them John getzInvestigative journalist DER SPIEGEL..

2. Unfounded claim that Assange is not a journalist

When a U.S. prosecutor told the founder of the Freedom of the Press Foundation at a first-instance hearing (FPF). Trevor Tim The U.S. government did not consider Assange to be a journalist, Tim answered It is not the government’s responsibility to determine who is a journalist “it is the right of all”, and Assange is clearly “engaged in journalism activities”.

Mark FeldsteinAssociate Professor of Journalism, University of Maryland, Confirmed this. He said that at his school of journalism, students are also taught how to obtain sensitive information by interacting with sources. That’s exactly what Assange is blaming.

It’s certainly easy for the US government to disseminate the explanation that Assange isn’t a journalist, but that doesn’t change the reality. Even the Secretary-General of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). Anthony Beranger confirmed, say it He personally signed Assange’s press card.

3. The silence of the CIA’s plot to poison Assange

Spanish High Court case of David MoralesThe owner of the company responsible for monitoring at the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Morales is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Even with his lawyers and doctors, whatever he was asked to allow American institutions to listen to Assange’s conversations.

Witness statements to date have revealed that a complex system has been introduced that allows Ecuador to flow information to the CIA headquarters without realizing it is happening.

In this context, Yahoo!news Published an article revealing plans to kill Assange.Vault 7“According to that story, Assange’s kidnapping or assassination occurred at the” highest level “of the Trump administration, and seniors demanded” sketches “or” options “to kill him.

4. False allegations that people were killed because of WikiLeaks disclosure

No one died because of WikiLeaks disclosure. For more than a decade, the United States could not find a case where this happened.Even the famous whistleblower in Assange’s hand-over trial Daniel Ellsberg was Asked According to courts, Iraqi and Afghan people were forced to leave their homes after being nominated by WikiLeaks as a source of information for the United States.

Ellsberg replied:

Another witness, professor John SlobodaHe testified that the information database had more than 400,000 documents, which required a huge amount of human resources to manually check them, and that computer software was designed to automate the process. .. The software checks the documentation for non-English words and removes them to make sure the Iraqi name is not published.

Isn’t it time for Australia to take Julian Assange home?

Australian government officials will visit Julian Assange two years after the United Nations has determined that his detention is illegal.

5. Cunning in the Biden administration’s diplomatic guarantee

As IA has report In the last few months Amnesty International Considers the US guarantee that Assange will not be detained in the special administrative region (SAM) It’s absolutely unreliable because US authorities can change their minds at any time.

Also, these guarantees were presented only after the first hearing, when the defense could no longer examine them.As explanation September 2020 by witnesses Maureen Baird -People who worked for Federal Bureau of Prisons 27 years-SAM means being held in a cell for 23 hours a day without being allowed to contact other prisoners. Monthly calls are limited to one 30-minute call or two 15-minute calls, which are monitored by FBI agents.

Whenever the United States wants to change its mind about not putting Assange in a similar detention system, it can do so in full compliance with its promises.

6. The illusion that the case will be handled by fair authorities

Use of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA), Italian journalist Stephania Maurigi Requested access to documents held by British authorities about WikiLeaks journalists and Assange.

Through her FOIA FightWhen Sweden wanted to interview Assange about allegations of sexual misconduct (which was never prosecuted and was eventually withdrawn), a British prosecutor said advice The Swedes did not interview Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy and handed him over instead. This proposal has prevented Assange from clarifying his position for years.

Also, two weeks after Assange was granted asylum by Ecuador, a press article suggested that Sweden could stop the investigation. Then a British officer wrote to the Swedish prosecutor, “Don’t dare !!”.

Mauriji Taken British Prosecutor’s Office (CPS) Obtain the court with the release of additional documents that may explain what is behind the handling of the case by the United Kingdom. Many papers are not yet available or edited and released, but the papers received by Maurizi are some important emails about the British approach, especially between Swedish and British prosecutors. You need to get the public to think about it. delete Depends on CPS.

World Citizens’ Obligations for Julian Assange’s Future

As shown above, an attempt was made to deceive the public about Julian Assange. Peaceful and massive protests are the only way to keep the world out of the dark, where true investigative journalism and true democracy are not seen.

And both the Trump and Biden administrations have waged such a war against journalism, but this does not mean that American society wants this shame. in reality-‘United States Constitution‘Is one of the main victims of this war with Assange.

This is the reason for the Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albaniji And for all world leaders, there is another reason to speak. As many want, the only way to be an “American friend” is to have the courage to tell the United States that you are losing your soul. 6 Reasons Everyone Should Fight for Assange’s Freedom

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