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60 young Saudi women participate in fishing training for first time

Saudi Gazette report

Riyadh Musa Al-Kinani, deputy CEO of the Saudi National Fisheries Development Programme, said 60 young Saudi women were trained and enrolled in a project to become the first in Saudi Arabia to qualify as a fisheries professional. Al Arabiya reported. They will be trained in selling and marketing fish products by experts and experts in the field, he said.

Al-Kinani said the selected Saudi women will be trained for the first time by experts and specialists in the field in a “solutions” track dedicated to the sale and marketing of fish products.

“The initiative aims to train young Saudis and qualify them for professional fishing jobs, and the ministry has a number of strategic plans to create employment opportunities for young men and women in many technical and craft sectors. contributes to the creation of

He said there are four initiatives to localize many occupations and rehabilitate young men and women, including beekeepers, fishing occupations, in addition to livestock raising and agriculture.

Regarding the fishing profession, Al-Kinani said the profession is divided into four main sectors. sales and marketing; service and operational support in addition to the field of sea fishing;

He said the sales and marketing department targets 90% women and the support services and operations department aims to provide necessary services to boats that do not have access to port services such as refueling, maintenance and operations. I made it clear that there is

https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/624083/SAUDI-ARABIA/60-young-Saudi-women-join-fishery-training-for-first-time?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link 60 young Saudi women participate in fishing training for first time

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