68% of Bulgarian want neutrality in Ukrainian

68% of Bulgarian Wants conflict neutrality UkraineAccording to a study by Estat Agency..Sociologist Ivo Zhelev told NovaTV “Some citizens are afraid of global conflict. On the other hand, some are rooting for Russia. Only 7% are in favor of the open. support for Russia And 21% Ukraine He said.

According to him, “Who does support Russia I’m not a bully, I’m motivated. The change 32 years ago divided people into prosperous people and outsiders. Less educated people do all the opposition and support A non-constructive view because they are not happy with their lives. They believe that the previous regime is more favorable to them. 32.9% generally find biased information. Most people are informed by gossip. ” Zeref said.

He added that about one-third of the participants in the investigation believed that Kyiv’s administration was a fascist and that the killing of civilians was a fascist. Ukraine A hint of Ukrainian service.

“”13.1% RussiaIf the security of nuclear weapons is threatened, the use of nuclear weapons is justified“The sociologist said.

According to blogger Radioslav Bimbalov, there are victims and abusers, so it is humans who stand by the victims. “”lots of people Bulgarian Easily take the other side. When you withdraw from the victim and take a neutral position, you approach the abuser.This arises from their personal motives or naivety“He said. He added that there are people at the top of the country who admire the actions of pro-Russia.

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