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A 72-year-old woman from the Indian city of Chennai, who was believed dead by her family, returned home alive on September 22 after being buried. Naturally, everyone was amazed.

according to Times of IndiaS Chandra was presumed dead after being hit by a train on 20th September.

Her son, Vadivelu, had identified the body as that of his mother as he was wearing the same saree. New Indian Express Report further.

In addition, the face on the body was damaged beyond recognition.

what happened exactly?

On Monday, September 19, Chandra told her family that she was going to a temple about 22 kilometers from her home and would be back soon.

However, she did not return as she decided to visit some other local temples instead. Times of India report.

Her son then filed a missing persons complaint with authorities.

On September 20, Vadivelu received information from relatives about an elderly woman who had been hit by a train.

He also received a call from authorities to head to the hospital to identify the body.

Deputy superintendent of the Egmore Railroad Police, New Indian Express “The deceased was wearing the same sari as his mother and his face was so damaged that his identification marks confirmed that it was Chandra’s,” it said.

The body was then handed over to the family and buried after the funeral service.

Mothers go home while relatives are in mourning

On September 22, Chandra returned home while her relatives gathered at her home in mourning.

Aside from the shock of her family, she was reportedly surprised to see posters with her obituary on the streets around her home.

The buried body was exhumed by police and returned to the hospital.

Further investigation and identification of remains are ongoing.

Top photo from Times of India 72-year-old Indian woman returns home after family held funeral for her – Mothership.SG

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