The French Centrists lost a majority in parliament, in part due to the benefits of the New Left Alliance and stronger than expected results from the far right.

After five years of full control, Emmanuel Macron faces a second term with no apparent majority in the legislature. Known for its top-down approach, the French president can face a tough battle when trying to push the domestic agenda, including controversial measures such as raising retirement age and renewing benefits.

日曜日の選挙で彼のアンサンブル党が245議席しか持たずに深刻な打撃を受けたため、彼の中道政治家は支持を確保するために議会で同盟を結ぶことを余儀なくされるでしょう。 The party is still the largest group, but it has not reached the 289 people needed for the absolute majority.

この選挙の勝者は、ジャン=リュック・メランチョンが率いる左派と、133議席を持つグリーンズ、社会主義者、メランチョンのフランス・アンボウドの連立、そして右端が常に存在するマリーヌ・ル・ペンと彼女のThe National Coalition Party currently has 89 seats. In particular, this benefit shows how France is split, especially if there were only eight parliamentary representatives on the far right in 2017.

The far right extends from the traditional center of the north and northeast of the country, the southeastern coast to the west of the country, giving Le Pen a previously unsecured power base. She has now declared that she has “firm opposition” to the Centrists and is much louder on the national stage.

Left-wing breakthroughs by the Nupe, or a broad coalition now known as the new popular ecological and social coalition, also give them more say.

The Centrists hold firmly, even if the mood of the party headquarters declines, while they are still responsible. “It’s a disappointing first place, but it’s the first place,” government spokesman Olivia Grégoire said on French television.彼女は、政府は「物事を前進させる」ことを望んでいる「穏健派」と同盟を結ぶだろうと述べたが、マクロンのグループ化が行き詰まりをどのように回避するかについては彼女は正確にはDid not mention.

Macron, who was reelected as President Le Pen in April, wanted a “firm majority” of Congress to carry out domestic policy freely, but will now be forced to form an alliance. In addition, he will need to remodel his government after being defeated by his new Minister of Health, Bridget Bourguignon and his Minister of the Environment Amelie de Montcharin.

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Macron’s party fails to take absolute majority

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