8 dead as ship sinks between Japan and South Korea

At least eight crew members died after the ship sank in the East China Sea off the coast of Japan’s Nagasaki prefecture on Wednesday, Kyodo news agency reported Thursday. Her 6,551-ton Kaneda, carrying a crew of 22, sent out a distress call and sank early Wednesday.

Yesterday, officers said two crew members were found dead. Notably, of the 13 people rescued from a Hong Kong-flagged cargo ship, all six recently confirmed were from China or Myanmar. No one was sent to hospital, but the Coast Guard said it was in contact with each country.

According to Kyodo News, around 11:15 p.m., the ship sent out a distress signal from about 110 kilometers west of the Dansei Islands in the East China Sea. A storm warning is being issued at the time of transmission. The cargo ship had 14 Chinese and eight Burmese crew members, the Coast Guard said.

The ship was on its way from Malaysia to Incheon, South Korea with a load of timber. The KySix crew Korean Two aircraft by the Coast Guard and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. The two rescued by the Air Self-Defense Force were transported to a hospital via Nagasaki Airport, but were confirmed dead.

Kyodo News reported that the incident occurred outside Japanese territory. The accident occurred when a cold snap hit much of Asia, with daytime temperatures reaching just 3 degrees Celsius on the Japanese islands closest to the rescue site. In 2020, a cargo ship carrying 43 crew members and her 6,000 cows sank off the coast of southwestern Japan after being hit by a typhoon. Two crew members survived.

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