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8, Illegal renewal held to forge Adha’s registration

Hyderabad: Hyderabad police commissioner Anjani Kumar told Golconda police on Friday that eight gangsters were fooling UIDAI (India’s Unique Identification Authority) by manipulating Aadhaar in unauthorized locations for illegal gains. I told him I was arrested.

“These eight have forged a birth certificate for Aadhaar registration or renewal of an Aadhaar card, used an unauthorized Aadhaar kit with an Assam ID, uploaded a poor customer’s Aadhaar card, and unauthorized. I was fooling UIDAI by performing Aadhaar operations at the location, “Kumar said at a press conference. ..

According to the City Police Commissioner, there is an order from the central government that the ID issued to the state should only be used within the state, but the accused used the Hyderabad Assam ID to register and renew Aadhar. I made a plan to do it.

“In October 2021, the accused T Nitesh purchased six Aadhar registration IDs from one Pavan for Rs 90,000,” he said.

All the defendants procured Aadhaar kits, laptops, irises, fingerprint slabs, and cameras individually, and started registering Aadhar cards at their respective stores to make money.

To create counterfeit documents, the accused procured different types of stamps with different Gazette officer names and used them for proof to apply for UIDAI registration.

“They were collecting Rs2,000 to Rs3,000 from poor applicants for Aadhar registration or renewal. Apart from that, the defendant is giving 3,000 rupees daily to defendant T Nitesh Singh,” he said. Added.

The arrested accused, along with the confiscated property, was handed over to the SHO at the Golconda Police Station in Hyderabad to take the necessary steps.

https://www.siasat.com/hyderabad-8-held-for-fabricating-aadhaar-enrollment-updation-illegally-2247583/ 8, Illegal renewal held to forge Adha’s registration

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