8 phrases for affection in Norwegian

It’s always nice to tell those closest and dearest how much you appreciate and care for them. When you learn a new language, you also learn new ways to show that you care.

Luckily, Norwegian has many ways to express your love for someone. Here are our choices.

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Jeg er så holdig som har deg

(I am very lucky to have you)

Do you have a friend or family member who is always there for you, whether they’re there to help you or lend you a shoulder to cry on?

You can use this phrase to tell them how much you appreciate them. increase.

Jeg Elsker Deg

(I love you)

There are two ways to tell someone you love them in Norwegian. Jeg Elsker Deg It represents a very strong feeling of love that Norwegians do not take lightly. Some people only say it a few times in their lives.

Norwegians use this when they are in love with someone.

Jeg er I’m happy/I’m happy

(I love you, I love you)

Was good is the second, less strong and more commonly used phrase to tell someone you love them.

It is the preferred form used in everyday life to let your partner, parent or child know that you love them. This expression can be used to let someone you care about know that you love them.

In certain situations, the two ways of telling someone you love them are interchangeable. For example, you can tell your husband or wife. Was good Also Jeg Elsker DegBut you will never say Jeg Elsker Deg To my dear colleague.

Jeg savner deg

(I mıss you)

Absence, they say, makes the heart more loving.

This can be used to let anyone know that you miss them, including friends, relatives, and partners.

Jeg er hodestups forelsket i deg

(I’m head over heels healed by falling in love with you)

Many languages ​​use descriptive images to express their feelings about someone. Unfortunately this is not very common in Norwegian.However, some examples exist – as in the case of jeg er hodestups forelsket i deg.

Partners often say this to each other to let them know how madly in love they are with each other.

Du er en fantastisk venn

(you are a great friend)

Whether it’s a hobby, an activity, or when you need help, friends make everything better. You can use this to let someone know you are a great friend. This is because they are a great help to you, or because you are always guaranteed to have a good time together.

Takk for at du alltid er der for meg

(Thank you for always being there for me).

Mr./Mrs. Reliable in your life, knowing that you can count on them for anything and that they will move mountains to reach out to you – you will definitely use this phrase to express your deep appreciation. should be expressed.

Du er verdens beste kjæreste/kompis/venninne/mamma/pappa

(You are the best partner, friend, girlfriend, mother and father in the world)

A classic in the birthday card genre, it’s a great way to show that you love someone by letting them know you’re the best friend/partner/parent in the world. 8 phrases for affection in Norwegian

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