80% occupancy of hotels in Paphos

According to the chairman of the local hotel management association Thanos Michaelides, hotel occupancy in the Paphos district will reach 80% in July.

Last month, Mika Elides told CNA that Paphos’ hotel occupancy, with some of the best hotels, reached a “satisfactory level” of about 70%.

In July, the number of visitors is expected to increase, ranging from 75% to 80% of the available bed capacity.

Michaelides said the loss from the Russian market could not be covered, Tourist flow Affected by airline cancellations and flight schedule changes.

He also believes that the negative effects of rising energy costs and the subsequent impact on airfare will increase, making it difficult for individuals with limited financial resources to fly abroad.

Apart from the Russians during their stay, Paphos is popular with British tourists and there is growing interest in the British market for their vacation in Cyprus.

However, Michaelides said this did not cover the major shortfall from the Russian market.

Cypriot triple traveling abroad

According to Cystat data, the number of Cypriots traveling abroad has more than tripled from June to June last year.

A total of 121,146 inhabitants of Cyprus overseas trip Last month it recorded an increase of 242.6% compared to 35,361 in the same month last year.

Greece remains the most popular destination in Cyprus, with 34.9% traveling in June, followed by the United Kingdom at 17.9%, Italy at 6.5%, Israel at 4.1% and Germany at 3.4%.


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