A 100-year-old woman renews her driver’s license and says, “The secret is to love life”-English

(ANSA)-Rome, June 8-A 100-year-old Italian woman living in a town near Vicenza in Veneto, who renewed her driver’s license last month, said her secret was “to love life.”
A cheerful woman from Breganze, Candida Uderzo told Corriere della Serra, “I’ve been driving all the time. I like to be autonomous so as not to burden my son. This renewal makes me happy. And feel a little better. A little more freedom. “
Yuderzo said she was still fine.
“I’m lucky. I’m 100 years old. It’s a surprise to me that I’m very healthy. I don’t take any medicines, I only take strange sleeping pills once in a while.” Her only regret Is that she lost her husband when she was relatively young.
“But I decided to stay alive to enjoy it as much as possible, not to deny myself. As a first step, I started walking long distances.
“I took a long walk with my friends and was able to overcome my sadness. When I retired, I joined a walking group here in Breganze.
Since then, I haven’t missed a trip. Every Sunday at 6am, you find me at my front door and are ready to go “(ANSA).

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