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A 4-year-old Dutch boy takes his mother’s car to a spin: police

A four-year-old Dutch boy took his mother’s car to drive before colliding with two parked cars, police said on Sunday.

Police in the central city of Utrecht were warned on Saturday when residents found a young man walking down a street wearing only pajamas and bare feet.

“We responded immediately because bystanders were worried that the boy might be suffering from hypothermia,” police wrote on Instagram.

When they arrived, police officers received a second report of a car accident in the vicinity involving three cars. The driver suspected of having an accident was missing.

They said the car was registered with the boy’s mother.

Police called her mother and said, “When she talked to her son, he made a car-like noise and used a gesture to indicate that he would turn the steering wheel.”

“Then I realized that my child might have been a driver.”

After hot chocolate and comfort from a teddy bear at the police station, the boy reunited with his mother, police said.

They went with the police to the crash site, where the boy took the key, went inside and started the car-“and pushed down the accelerator pedal,” the police said.

According to police, the boy woke up when his father went to work and took his mother’s car key “to go for a drive.”

The mother told police that she had “a fairly witty child,” but police warned her parents to hide their car keys in the future.

“The new Max Verstappen found in Oberbecht (outside Utrecht),” police wrote on social media when reporting the incident, referring to the driver of the popular and current Dutch world champion Formula One. ..

“Fortunately, this mini-driver’s adventure ended with a sizzle,” police wrote in their report.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/716484/Four-year-old-Dutch-boy-takes-mum-s-car-for-spin-p A 4-year-old Dutch boy takes his mother’s car to a spin: police

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