A 78-year-old mayor who married a junior 60-year-old girl revealed a secret

Residents of Kunhegyes witnessed a special wedding last Saturday. The mayor of Central Hungarian Village, home to 7,500 inhabitants, married a girl 60 years younger. András Szabó didn’t want to answer Blikk’s question at the time, but now he broke the ice. The secrets of the village leader can be read below.

As us report Yesterday, Szabó married an 18-year-old girl last Saturday. Interestingly, the young bride already has a 4-year-old child. She became pregnant with a man in her thirties when she was thirteen. The locals were divided by wedding theme. Some said that an 18-year-old woman was just a girl. Others believed that love was unlimited and accepted that the mayor and his young mother were in love.

The groom András Szabó didn’t want to answer the question, nor did his mother-in-law want to answer it.But something has changed in that regard as the mayor eventually shared his secret. Brick..

He told the Hungarian tabloids that their secret was mutual understanding. They shared a common view on many things and chose not to worry about age differences.

The mayor, who was backed by Orban’s ruling Fides in the 2019 local elections, admitted that he was too old for his wife. But they were in love with each other. He thinks they will have a good year in the years ahead. Many gave their blessings when they heard about strange weddings. Others said it wasn’t a good idea – the mayor remembered.

“”I won’t talk about age differences either. We have great respect for each other.We never argued, and I think everything is, and it’s okay as long as we don’t have other issues“, Szabó revealed.

Brick collected A couple of male politicians who dated or married a young woman. One of them is Silvio Berlusconi (85), the former Prime Minister of Italy. His ex-bride, Francesca Pascal, was 50 years younger than him. After they disbanded, the magazine caught Berlusconi on the side of Marta Fasina (30), whom he later married.

Antal Logan, Minister of the Cabinet Office of Victor Orban, also tied a knot with a 20-year-old woman. His wife has previously won many beauty pageants and she graduated from ELTE University. Left-wing politician Andor Schmuck (50) found temporary happiness on the side of Esther Hanark (23). He issued a divorce statement a year ago.

Former US President Donald Trump is also a “club member.” In 2005, he married Melania Trump, a former model 23 years younger.

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Source: Brick, A 78-year-old mayor who married a junior 60-year-old girl revealed a secret

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