A brooding image of Piraeus |

Among all the good and positive things that have been done to improve the country’s main gateway and make it more efficient and attractive, the Port of Piraeus continues to be a glaring exception. I won’t go into the basic issues of that image. The problem will be addressed by the drastic reforms planned in the city, but every day, all summer long, for all the things that damage the country’s reputation and humiliate its citizens.

There is nothing new about these issues. Traffic jams, ugliness and crushing in the area between the electric railway terminal of Piraeus and the port’s various gates are a constant source of grief and frustration. The ordeal experienced by hundreds of thousands of Greek and foreign travelers is embarrassing. They have to drag their suitcases across the dirtiest streets imaginable with unbelievable traffic lights, slip between honking cars and buses, and past disgusting fences.

It was so in 1990, 2000, 2010, and so it is this year. Noise, annoyance, dirt. Those who say that until ambitious port refurbishment plans come to fruition, there is a need to create a moderately decent temporary route between train stations and boarding gates that meets basic demands of common sense, dignity. has not yet appeared. , functionality, self-esteem – it has all the missing ingredients.

This turmoil unfairly affects not only Piraeus, but the whole country. But even more frustrating is the fact that there are so many mayors coming and going, so many ministers coming and going, so many announcements by the tourism industry, so many private initiatives to invest in the future. Despite this, the fact is that no one thinks that the situation is getting worse. About tourism. I know travelers to and from the Aegean Islands who are forced to take this route. They know what all the big guys don’t know, because they’ve never done this particular journey.No need to drag suitcases from the train platform to the ferry departure gate.

But the dire state of this route is useful. Because it forces us to be realistic, to look beyond the facts on paper to the facts on the street, to learn self-awareness and humility without self-respect. A brooding image of Piraeus |

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