A ‘captured’ alien planet could also be hiding on the fringe of our photo voltaic system — and it is not ‘Planet X

In 1906, astronomer and businessman Percival Lowell launched a seek for “Planet X,” a hypothetical big planet orbiting the solar past Neptune. Lowell was satisfied that Planet X existed based mostly on some supposed irregularities he had noticed within the orbits of Neptune and Uranus. His perception ultimately led to the invention of Pluto in 1930, although scientists later decided that the dwarf planet was too small to have a gravitational affect on Neptune’s orbit (not to mention Uranus’). 

Immediately, the Planet X speculation is largely thought-about to be discredited. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped astronomers from searching for planets within the far reaches of the photo voltaic system. And in accordance with a brand new examine, they may be on the market — solely a lot farther away than Lowell might have predicted. 

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