A court busy with drunkenness, phone fraud, and allegations of injury

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Phone fraud robs Monaco’s elderly grandmother of valuables

Phone scams targeting older women in Monaco have been successfully intercepted by police, but as the proceedings reveal, they are not without victims. It included the arrest of a thief who sent money and jewelery stolen from Monaco to Eastern Europe by courier. The scam identifies a vulnerable elderly woman (usually in her 80s) from the name in the phone book, impersonates a relative facing serious financial difficulties, calls, and “courier” on the spot in Monaco. Using, fraud. A police operation identified and arrested a courier (a local unemployed immigrant) facing a judge in a court in Monaco.

The three victims were pulled on the phone by what they thought were relatives suffering in connection with their sad experience. Each was fooled and handed over money, jewelery, or both.

Law and order
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The court cited losses of € 30.000, € 400.000 and € 15.000. This could be the tip of the iceberg, as investigators contacted 90 people in the Principality by phone on July 1, 2020 with a suspicious foreign number with a prepaid card.

The courier was sentenced to two years in prison by the court, some were suspended and shortened by the time already in custody.

There remains a ruthless organizer of fraud hidden in Eastern Europe targeting the vulnerable of the Principality. However, police are vigilant, and more and more potential victims are aware and warned in advance.

Leave a drunken parked vehicle for a tour around the casino

The defense against drunk driving was plausible. Visitors stopped the luxury car by the casino, left the engine running, took a glass of champagne full of limoncello, and continued to drink. He carried them from the restaurant he just visited. The car blocked the lane, but he said he was expecting a clerk to park. He was then tested for alcohol by police and determined that he was far beyond his limits and was drinking his car. Even if the car is stopped, if you drink and exceed the limit, the police will charge you for drunk driving.

Law and orderLaw and order

The court noted that the man had been previously convicted of being injured while driving drunk.

The prosecution sentenced him to a one-month suspended sentence. The court decided on the 15th and a fine of € 5.000.

Workplace disaster that loses thumb to circular saw

An accident at a work site in the Principality caused the operator of a circular saw with a sawtooth blade to lose his thumb. The owner of the company responsible for taking the workers to the scene was brought to court. It was proved that no safety training was provided for on-site safety procedures, especially for machine operation. Wearing a helmet was clearly not a sufficient safety procedure. Due to the accident, the company was closed for more than two months due to impairment. The only legal issue in this case was the division of responsibilities between the owner / manager of the company and the company itself as an entity.

The court has decided to impose a fine of € 16.000 for the failure of professional liability for injuries in the workplace divided between the owner / manager and the company. A court busy with drunkenness, phone fraud, and allegations of injury

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