A dramatic epilogue of family tragedy

There is a family tragedy behind two passengers in a car that jumped into the waters of the Neoie Epibates fishing port in Thessaloniki, northern Greece. A 72-year-old mother and a 50-year-old son decided to end their lives at noon on Monday.

It was the swimmer who saw the car speed up at the pier and fall into the water. He warned police and other authorities.

Divers, the Coast Guard, firefighters, and rescue team EMAK rushed to the scene and began an operation to retrieve the car from the water.

Video: Collecting a car from water

However, they managed to rescue the two passengers.

The mother and son decided to end it. They wore handcuffs connected to the handles, were roped to each other, and had a backpack full of sand on their backs.

A coroner was on the scene when the car was pulled out of the water.

Police and the Coast Guard were initially suspected of crime.

However, the results of the first forensic examination on the spot showed no evidence of combat or other external violence on the passenger’s body. So far, no criminal activity has been suspected.

Autopsy is to identify the exact cause of their death.

The first to identify was a man, and soon the second passenger was his mother.

It is unknown if they had an ID.

According to local media Thestival, suicide was a dramatic epilogue of a tragic family story.

Two years ago, another son in the family was killing himself.

Shortly thereafter, the family’s father died and was unable to cope with the loss of his son.

Behind him was a mother and another son.

The tragic event happened early on Monday afternoon.

According to witnesses, the car was driving on a coastal road, stopped for a while, and then the driver pushed the accelerator and threw it into the sea. A dramatic epilogue of family tragedy

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