A Dublin woman died shortly after becoming an important witness in a murder trial

A woman in Dublin who died within seven months of becoming a major witness in a murder trial was inquested after her partner was murdered and her divorced husband was sentenced to imprisonment for murder.

While sitting in the Dublin District Court for the death of Candice Padgett, I heard that her health had deteriorated after a trial in the Central Criminal Court last year.

Padgett, 37, died on November 7, 2021 at Mater Hospital in Dublin as a result of organ failure due to years of poor health.

Coroner Dr. Claire Keen pointed out from medical records that HIV-infected Padgett stopped taking the drug and “returned to the drug.”

Alexis, the twin sister of the deceased woman, said her deceased sister was “much worse” after she saw her lost partner and her estranged husband sent to jail for the rest of her life.

“Candice was always drinking. She didn’t care anymore,” she said.

Her sister filed evidence in a murder trial at the Central Criminal Court in April 2021. There, her divorced husband, Anthony Pagit, was accused of fatally stabbing her then-partner, Aidan McMenamy.

Ms. Padgett told the court on July 19, 2019, that there was a dispute between two men in a house that lived with McMenami in North Strand, Clinch’s Court, Dublin.

She explained how her boyfriend, who claimed to be “jealous” to Anthony Pagit, was stabbed after slashing her estranged husband’s face with a knife.

Heroin and vodka

The court asked how the parties were taking heroin and drinking vodka at the time.

Anthony Pagit, 46, of Khan Lo Road, Kabra, died at his alma mater in January after suffering from pneumonia while serving life imprisonment in Portlaoise Prison, but denied McMenami’s murder. However, he was found guilty of manslaughter.

However, at the end of the week-long trial, the jury convicted him of murder in a unanimous verdict after two days of deliberation.

Padgett’s twins told the cause of death hearing that their deceased sister knew she was dying in the last two weeks.

A male friend of the deceased woman described her as “vibrant” and “gorgeous,” but added that “drugs were sacrificed.”

Dr. Keane said that the direct cause of Mr. Padgett’s death was cirrhosis, while the coroner said she also had alcoholism and untreated hepatitis C.

In addition, she observed that the deceased was infected with HIV.

Based on medical evidence, the coroner returned a verdict of death due to misfortune. A Dublin woman died shortly after becoming an important witness in a murder trial

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