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A great sense of humor of the Queen

Although the Queen is approaching her 96th birthday, still many people have not known about her sense of humor. Throughout her lifetime, she has been famous for her seriousness and solemnity. However, she was empowered with a great sense of humor that could be noticed in her tight surroundings.

Robert Lacey, a royal historian, says that the Queen’s sense of humor has been a vital part of her survival strategy. She has to maintain a straight face when she’s in public and despite her serious duties, the Queen has a sense of humor which was praised during his recent trip to the UK, by the Duke of Sussex.

Author and historian Anthony Seldon attribute the Queen’s sense of humor to her refusal to take herself too seriously.

Seldon says the Queen doesn’t have any sense of the self-obsession that he refers to as the “illness of the age.” He also mentions that she doesn’t exhibit irreverence to older people.

Privately, the Queen is said to be very good at imitating other people’s gestures and mannerisms.

According to Karen Dolby, the Queen can also be very good at imitating the mannerisms and gestures of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

Aside from imitating other humans, the Queen also enjoys making fun of herself and can be very self-criticized.

According to Sir Anthony, the Queen’s sense of humor aids to diffuse tension and make people feel more at ease as well as assists to keep her in touch with people, notably those who are less prominent. She has reportedly met a wide range of comedians, such as Tommy Cooper. One of the comedians she met asked her if she was interested in buying tickets for the FA Cup final as it is widely known that the Queen enjoys watching the various competitions, movies, and television shows.

The Queen has spent most of her life under intense scrutiny, and her sense of humor aids her to relieve strain and tend to feel better. As per Tang, laughter, as well as gambling 20Bet, are powerful tools that help people deal with stressful situations. It is reported that Prince Philip is also empowered with a great sense of humor akin to his mother. Although it’s fine to laugh in private after a royal event, the Queen has always avoided getting that awkward fit of laughter at the improper time.

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