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A Hindu family in West Bengal has been caring for the mosque for over 50 years

North 24 Parganas: In a story about the harmony of the community in West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas, a Hindu family has acted as the caretaker of the Amanathy Masjid here in Barasat for the past 50 years.

Senior citizen Deepak Kumar Bose and his son Palsa Sarati Bose of Barasat in North 24 Pargana set an example of the unity of Hindu Muslims in today’s world.

The Bose family has refurbished a mosque named Amanati Masjid. For the past 50 years, as a caretaker, Deepak Bose has visited the mosque daily and cleaned its corridors to make the Muslim community comfortable in prayer. It is worth mentioning that the Amanaty Mosque is located in the Hindu-dominated Nabapari region.

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In 1964, the Bose family exchanged property in Khulna (now Bangladesh) for land in North 24 Parganas. They discovered that there was a small mosque on the land. Many suggested demolishing and building buildings in the plot, but the Bose family opposed it because it was a religious structure.

“We decided to refurbish it, and since then we have taken care of this mosque. Muslim communities from different regions are here to pray. I have appointed an imam for the daily Adhan, “the caretaker of the mosque Deepak Kumarbose told ANI.

Deepak’s son, Pulsa Sarati Bose, said: We have been taking care of the mosque for many years. In fact, there are no mosques within 2 km of the area, so Muslims from different regions come here to pray.

Imam Sarafat Ali said: Since 1992, I have been constantly asking people to come to Adhan. We believe in unity and peace. “

https://www.siasat.com/west-bengal-hindu-family-takes-care-of-mosque-for-over-50-years-2278684/ A Hindu family in West Bengal has been caring for the mosque for over 50 years

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