A historic milestone, the Slovak MFA describes NATO’s recent decisions

The representative of Slovakia welcomes Turkey’s decision to support Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO.

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“A historic milestone in NATO and the European Atlantic security architecture,” Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korchok wrote, referring to NATO membership in Sweden and Finland.

NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg confirmed at an organization summit meeting in Madrid on June 28 that Turkey had decided to support Sweden and Finland to join NATO. Slovakia, NATO member countries since 2004Was represented by President Zuzana Chaptova, Foreign Minister Korchok, and Defense Minister Yaroslavnae. All of them welcomed the decision on Sweden and Finland, two Scandinavian countries that decided to participate in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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President Zuzana Chaptova praised the results and called the summit one of the most important in decades. The decisions made by NATO leaders include those that have been strengthened. Defense of the eastern side of the allianceTherefore, Slovakia also strongly supports Ukraine and the alliance’s new strategic concept, which Stoltenberg called “a blueprint for how to lead NATO into the future in a more competitive and dangerous world.”

According to Stoltenberg, inviting Sweden and Finland to NATO is a historic decision.

Turkey, Finland and Sweden signed a memorandum of mutual support for security threats in Madrid on Tuesday.

Defense Minister Naď of Slovakia congratulated the two countries on their plans to join NATO and announced that Slovakia has reached an agreement with Sweden to purchase a Swedish combat vehicle. A historic milestone, the Slovak MFA describes NATO’s recent decisions

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