A house in Banteng collapses in a magnitude 6.5 earthquake: BPBD

Fortunately, the homeowner survived

ANTARA, Banten-The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) in the Lebak district, Banten, confirmed that a house had collapsed due to a magnitude 6.7 earthquake that struck the state on Friday afternoon.

“Fortunately, the homeowner survived,” said Agus Riza Faizal, head of emergency and logistics at Lebak BPBD.

He said a team of volunteers was dispatched to check the condition of the collapsed house at Rancasema Hamlet in Kadu Village, Cibadak Sub-district, Lebak district.

The quake reportedly laid the house flat on the ground, Faizal added.

“I urged Arina’s family, the owner of Lankasema Hamlet’s collapsed house, to stay in her relatives’ house for the time being,” Faizal said.

He said the agency also received information that an Islamic elementary school in the village of Citrek in the Sibebel district of Lebak was damaged by the earthquake.

The department head confirmed that no other reports of major structural damage or casualties were received by the authorities, except for the collapsed houses and damaged schools.

He also called on Lebak residents to notify local disaster mitigation agencies of new information about the damage to buildings and the increase in casualties caused by the earthquake.

According to information released by the Meteorology, Climate and Geophysical Agency (BMKG), a magnitude 6.7 earthquake occurred at 4:05 pm local time (UTC +7), about 52 km southwest of Sumur in western Banten. It occurred mainly in. Of Jakarta.

Residents of Jakarta and other major cities in Tangerang, as well as Banten, Cianjur in West Java, and Bandar Lampung in Lampung, the southernmost tip of Sumatra, also reported strong earthquakes in their area.

Authorities said the earthquake could not cause a tsunami. A house in Banteng collapses in a magnitude 6.5 earthquake: BPBD

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