A jazz festival that brings Brazilian and Cuban rhythms to the beach

The Portoros-Pyran / Portoros Jazz Festival will be held on Wednesday night at the beaches of Slovenia. Blues, salsa, bossa nova, Cuban music and tango will be played at various venues in the coastal town until Saturday, highlighting the performance of Brazilian legend Gilberto Gil.

The Slovenian Brazilian and Cuban rhythm take was unveiled at the Portoros Auditorium on the first eve of the festival, including Slovenian band Bossa de Novo’s Svetlana Makarovich, Milan Klek, and the late Marco Bresseri. Original music by the writer will be played.

This will be followed by an Afro-Cuban jazz concert by last year’s Latin Grammy Award-winning Cuban-born pianist Ivan Melon Lewis. At this concert, the festival’s artistic director, Brain Ronchel, states that it will be a special treat.

Ronchel added that the rest of the festival will also be genre-focused and will offer something to everyone under eight concerts. Jazz lovers are especially looking forward to American post-bop jazz musician Kenny Garrett and British blues guitarist and singer Matt Schofield. The festival culminates on July 14th with a performance by singer-songwriter Gilberto Gil.

The Piran / Portos Jazz Festival has not been dubbed as it is very likely to be the first dubbing. Ronchel told STA that he has no plans to hold another one next year. He said it was one of the best festivals he had held in his more than 40 years of career as an artistic director at home and abroad. This festival is the realization of a 30-year plan to bring such a festival to the beach. A jazz festival that brings Brazilian and Cuban rhythms to the beach

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